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Firestorm: Stripes

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Germany at War (West German Perspective)

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West German
VS Warsaw Pact

Foreword from Heiko,
Sorry about the late posting guys! This is the first battle report I have written, at the time we played the game I had no idea we were supposed to both log the battle. Instead I thought if one person wrote it and tagged the other commander we both got credit. Now I know that isn’t the case for next time.
Also, U_Mach hit the publish button on accident before he entered details in. As I said this was my first battle report and I’m not sure quite how to do this but here’s my take on it. If you like it this way I’ll keep writing them like this, if not, I can do a more detailed blow by blow like U_Mach does for next time.
Final thing, sorry if the pictures aren’t very clear, my PC doesn’t have as good image editing quality as I’d like.

To NATO High Command,

-Field Report-
From; Hauptmann Heinrich von-Jäger.
Commander of 5th Kompanie, 1st Panzer Divison.
The Federal Republic of Germany.

This is a General Field Report and Order of Battle Concerning the engagement in the Leipzig Sector on the 7th of March at roughly 17:00 hours Shared NATO time. My force was tasked with moving ahead and securing an RDV that would later be used as a forward rally and repair post. In my initial scouting reports, the FOPs reported that the enemy was on the move out of the area and we would not receive significant resistance. Our Armor Column was a bit faster than anticipated, we were planning to use the cover of night to push into favorable positions and clean up what little stragglers there were.

17:00-17:15 (Turn 1a/Warsaw Pact)
Ultimately these reports were proven to be false. As I deployed my troops out of their formation
almost immediately my Marder truppen were hit on their flank as a pair of BMP scouts pushed into them (which I will remark as strange as they usually travel in packs of three or four). Thankfully the pair of Leopard IIs I had sent with them pushed up before the BMPs could cause any real casualties. This is not without its drawback however, a quartet of Hinds soon made themselves known. With their best attempts, my Gepard battery managed to drive the Hinds off for a short period. Not before unfortunately, one of their missiles had done its work and scared a crew out of their tank. I received word that they (the Gepards) indeed shot down two of those airborne monsters. In turn, they themselves had gotten in trouble with a small surprise force of older T-55AM2 tanks. On the other hand, a company of T-72M tanks had followed the scouts through to the flank and were engaging the Leopards and Marder troops unsuccessfully.

17:15-17:30 (Turn 1b/West Germany)
On the other flank with the Gepards, I myself, as well as the second pair of Leopards and my Artillery had arrived. Through a combined effort the Leopards that had arrived with myself and the second platoon (with the Panzergrenadiers) that I had recalled to the Southern Flank, between the four of them they managed to destroy the older tanks. I spied a small battery of Shilka’s nestled in some buildings to the West. I decided to go after them, as soon as I did thankfully I could hear my Artillery Battery had the same idea. As I arrived I could see that their fire did have some effect as there was a crew outside attempting to fix the damage from the shelling. Gods are good that my gunner Erich is as good as he is, he made a hell of a shot and destroyed another Shilka. Around half past I received word that my Tank Hunter Helicopters had shown up to help the Panzergrenadiers in the North, however, they lost one of their less experienced pilots to return fire from the T-72Ms. Before he went down he reported that a missile hit it’s mark and destroyed one, while another one was also bailed.

17:30-17:45 (Turn 2a/Warsaw Pact)
I could see them coming, and thankfully the Gepards did too. A four-plane flight of Frogfoots were making a beeline straight for the AA. Though this turned out to be a poor course of action for the pilots as the Flaktruppen were well able to fend for themselves and shoot down three out of the four. The last pilot aborted the run at the last minute and shot his missile into the distance. In that confusion, however, I received a report from my Northernmost platoon of Leopards stating that the Hinds took advantage of the lull in AA fire and scored a direct hit on one of the pair. The Southern Leopard platoon also took a loss to a company of T-72Ms that had either been hiding or had turned around to cover their troops that were leaving the area. It should be said though that the Grenadiers up north held their ground against the odds.

17:45-18:00 (Turn 2b/W. Germany)
Nearing the end of the hour I received comms from my Leopard II platoon lead in the North stating that he was taking the surviving crew from the destroyed vehicle and pulling back to the rear. I will state it honestly, in my opinion, thinking about it now, I would much rather them survive, we can replace equipment losses all day but experienced soldiers on the other hand, well… I’m sure you understand. The second platoon of tanks to the south stated that he would use his tank as a cover point to block any retreat as necessary. Instead, I put him in an overwatch position covering the Artillery and the AA Battery. I turned my attention to the rest of the Shilka’s and made short work of them. And in the nick of time, at almost 18:00 on the mark, the Panzergrenadiers called in an air-strike from the F-4Fs that had been loitering. As they later went on to exclaim it was a thing of beauty seeing a full flight of those things drop cluster munitions. Needless to say, the opposing T-72Ms in the North were all but destroyed in the ensuing air-strike. My Artillery battery called for a retreat and used smoke to mask themselves as they did so.

18:00-18:30 (Turn 3a/Warsaw Pact)
In their retreat, one of the 109s took a hit from the pursuing T-72Ms. The fighting started to die down on the Northern flank and the enemy presence was at this point very thin. At this time had I realized why my Flaktruppen were trying to hail me I would have pulled back. They tried to warn me about the Hinds reappearing in the West. My tank itself took a direct hit from one of the Spiral missiles. Praises be that the blowout panels were working properly, we had time enough to evacuate the vehicle before it “boiled up” and was destroyed completely. I also looked over in time to see a smoke contrail hit one of the remaining Hinds and knock it down.

18:30-19:00 (Turn 3b/West Germany)
As my last remaining Leopard swung around on the battlefield to pick us up, I came to find out that my Helicopters that had been remaining silent were off on their own doing their jobs well. They made the statement that they had found a lone tank nestled in the woods far to the Northwest and it appeared to have communication masts and extra radios on it. I believe this was the Battalion commander for the 7th Volksarmee Kompanie that was stationed in the area. Regardless of the fact my airmen did their job and sent his happy ass packing. This, in turn, disarrayed the Pack enough that they started an immediate withdraw and left the area. In the referendum to my Helicopters, they performed a fair bit of recon where they were. -They also remarked on a strange sight, an abandoned BMP was left in the middle of the woods straddling a tree.- According to them, we put a significant dent in their personnel, all the same, It was reported later down the line that we had let a Battery of Gophers, as well as a Battery of Carnations and a few assorted AFVs, get through. But as the French say “cest la vie”. Overall despite losing three Leopards, a Helicopter, and an SPG, I would say that this was a victory, despite how close it was.

Sinc, Forward Commander, Heinrich von-Jäger.

P.S. -Below is an estimated casualty Report for both sides-

7th Volksarmee
11x AFVs Destroyed (5x T-55AM2s & 6x T-72Ms) 2x T-72Ms, Retreated due to damage
4x ZSU-23-4 Self Propelled AAA Destroyed
3x Mi-24 Hinds & 3x SU-25 Frogfoots Destroyed

1st Panzer Division, 5th Kompanie
3x Leopard IIs Destroyed 1x Leopard II, Retreated due to Damage
1x M109G Destroyed
1x PAH Bo-105 Helicopter Destroyed

True Deployment and Objectives
Not looking so good for my Gepards
Hinds moving on the rear of the Northern Leopards
T-72Ms forcing the M109s to retreat.
It would seem the PAHs have found their prey
As reports said there was a BMP that was unable to get himself unstuck from a tree...
The real MVPs for West Germany with almost an entire company of T-72s destroyed.
And of course to end it off got to have the team together

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West German


  • Jagdpanzer says:

    nice win, well done!

  • PhillipRus says:

    Nice game!

  • Nabeshin says:

    Hey Heiko, good to see you! A good first report, actually! Mix in the images with the text and generate a nice reading flow 🙂 Come on over to the West German forums and communicate with your national siblings 😉

  • HeikoVJager says:

    Alright Gents, I should* be squared away on the pictures and again thanks for the comments and also a word out to U_Mach for his awesome photography skills.

  • Klute says:

    Great Win for NATO. No tolls to Berlin….

  • HMS_Belfast says:

    We need all the victories we can get in Leipzig. Commendation given. More will follow if you add pictures!

  • Kubikhan says:

    Take a look at Storm Caller’s example on our Battle Report topic in the West German forum, Heiko. That’s how it’s best done!

    Kubikhan z.D.

  • HeikoVJager says:

    Ah I see! Would publishing the report and then adding the photos one at a time be an easy way of doing that?

  • Storm Caller says:

    Single photos, understand your confusion! Your laws are quite different about “singles”

  • HeikoVJager says:

    Hey Storm Caller at risk of sounding silly by singles did you mean single the photos out or something else? Also I’m working on getting a 3rd photo of my army by the very least.

  • Storm Caller says:

    One recommendation

    File at least three photo and put in a singles. If you don’t have three down load a few from the net.

    Good write up

  • recce103c says:

    congratulations Hauptmann Heinrich von-Jäger on the first win in Leipzig

    and a serious battle youm fought as your extensive report shows;

    recommendations for HQ en well rewarded report ratings

    “auf gehts”