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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Friend Fire pt 2

VS West German

Played as the final game of Conquest 2018 Team Yankee 80pts

I have played Tyler many times and when I saw the wide open desert table I liked my lips, a scattering of rock outcrops, (like forests but bulletproof cover) the odd hill and a small collection of houses, the table was the opposite of my round 2 game, see https://firestormstripes.warconsole.com/battles/gjh-vs-general-potus-1522735059
We rolled mission: Free For All, again losing the attack/ defend roll, Tyler rolled Dawn, we would begin in darkness.

Tyler placed all his Leopards on the Right Flank behind a hill, I placed a unit of infantry and the swingfires opposite to counter and hold the Right objective, The rest of the British Forces deployed on the left, 7 Chieftains and a unit of infantry in transports deploying opposite the objective defended by 4 Rolands and 2 Redeye teams.

The Battle

Seizing the initiative the British surged forward on the left flank, while the Leopards emerged onto the hill and opened fire unable to see the Chieftains in the Dark, despite there Thermal Imaging the German fire was ineffective, against the Dug in and gone to ground British forces on the Right flank, The return fire destroyed 2 of the leopards before battle was truly joined on the left flank, jumping right onto the objective the transports holding the infantry hosed the redeye teams with there machine guns who having failed to dig in the previous turn died. The chieftains continued up towards the objective ready to support the assault. The Rolands took revenge for the death of there friends destroying two of the transports, and pinning another, the 3 of the 4 infantry passed there saves jumping out the burning wrecks, directly onto the objective! As day broke the the guns of the chieftains spoke in a devastating volley destroying the Rolands and clearing the objective of the German forces, Victory!


Tyler was struggling from turn 1, a wide open Table, 2 objectives to defend and only 6 platoons including the commander and red eye teams, it was impossible for him to deploy covering both objectives and stop me from massing against one or the other, Darkness also worked against him, as I was able to stay at long range from his Leopards and reduce his shots. A stunning victory for the BAOR.

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