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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Friendly Fire

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VS United States
General POTUS

This game was round 2 of the Conquest 2018 80pts Team Yankee Tournament, after a convincing last minute victory in the first round, my opponent rolled a 1 for army morale as the TO called time, I was very aware of the 2hr time limit, this was to prove important.
The met on a field heavy with terrain, several large hills obscured almost the entirety of the american deployment zone while a small river and train track lined with trees separated the two forces, a small farmstead and more hills filled much of my side of the battlefield.

Battle: Free For All, GJH: Defender, POTUS: Attacker, Time of Day: Dusk


Arriving on the battlefield just as dusk approached, the cowardly Americans hid behind the hills, while I spearheaded some of infantry and a unit of chieftains, up the left flank, with the rest of the Chieftains holding the centre as a reserve and the swingfires and other infantry on the right flank to protect the objective.

Phase 1 Left Flank

Quickly realising that the American plan was to hide until night when there Thermal Imaging systems would give them the advantage, I pushed up the Left flank with a unit of Chieftains and the commander, hoping to force the Yanks into a battle before darkness fell, this did not go to plan, I was only able to get an angle and destroy one of the american tanks while there return fire wiped out my assault, a few Milans and other return shots streaked out towards the Americans but failed to hit the scout platoons.

Phase 2 Right Flank

The assault on the Left was a failure it had however pulled away most of the forces defending the Right most objective, sensing an opportunity, one infantry platoon and the swingfires moved rapidly round the flank, hoping to destroy the scout section and VADS unit that was defending the objective, as they moved into attack positions night fell, and the British forces braced for what was to come. Then it didn’t, the Americans remained in there concealed positions only moving Abrams to sure up the Right flank, it seemed POTUS didn’t want to attack until his flank was secure. The British Swingfires and Infantry proved as stubborn on the attack as they are on defence and held on for several turns until the weight of fire from the VADS finally killed them, unfortunately the British equipment seemed to be having trouble and they were unable to do any damage in return. What they had achieved was time, part way through the stubborn stand of the infantry the call of 20 min to go, came from the TO.

Part 3 American Assault

It was finally time for the Americans to rise from there slumber, pushing forward over the bridge the American tanks faced the surviving British Forces catching the Scorpions as they advanced the Armoured squadron broke with the surviving 3 chieftains fleeing the battle, all seemed lost as the infantry was too far away on the flank and the only remaining British forces on the objective were the Rapiers, whose crews were feeling slightly left out with no Air to shoot at, then the call came, TIME!


I had lost, the British forces were shattered, the huge amount of terrain had me at a disadvantage from the start, Cheiftains cant dance around terrain the way an Abrams can and the river causing cross checks added to the risk, and then the time of day roll was dusk. It felt like everything was stacked against me.
A good game if immensely frustrating. Really emphasised the importance of watching the clock in tournament games.

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