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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Ruhr FireBrigade

VS Warsaw Pact
Andy Johnson(Star_Colonel)/Arik

Counterattack mega battle 70 PT’s apiece! West Germans and British VS WP Consolidated MRR!!

NATO Blocking Force

We played a Counter Attack Mission with 4 players. 1 each East German who used my mini's to build his Panzer BN with BRDM Scouts and A Soviet who ran an MRB of 2 Companies with Acacia and Shilka support. My partner ran his West German Aufklarung of 2 Spah Troops with Leopard II's and Marder Troops in support. I ran my 1/3 Coy's of Irish Guards with Milan's, Scimitars, Scorpions, MCT's, Rapiers and TOW Lynx's with a flight of Harriers.

Just outside of Soest!!!

Opening moments!!

1st Harrier Strike results!!

Opening shots!! Milan's in the farmhouse destroy the Storms to their left after the MRC's to the far right destroy the first Spah Troop with gunfire. The Leo's then dispatch 2 T-72's from the PzCo on the right of the BN. The EG Aufklarung BRDM's scout farther up the left flank while one MRC makes for the right objective. Kept the Harriers in ambush and called them in!! The pulled a number on the Acacias after they attempted to take out the Rapier Battery.

The 19th MRR Urged on!!

The MRB moves up on the right side after the Infantry debus. The Inf also move up and prepare to cross the road to approach the right objective. The PzBN advances with one T-55 CO moving up on the farm and the T-72 Co moving up to engage the IG 3 PLT in the woods. The other T-55 CO moves behind the T-72's and start a push on the Rapiers. WG get their first reserves with the Marder Troop coming in behind the MRB and the BMP Scout Plt. The Leo's shoot and kill another 2 T-72's and bail one after the milan section in the farmhouse destroys two at the back of the column. The BMP's of the center MRC engaged the Scimitars destroying 1 and bailing 2. 1 remounts and the 2 good ones then Blitz to the right to allow the Gepards behind them to shoot the BMP's which they do destroying 4. The scimitars then open up on the BMP's killing 1 and bailing another.

The Assaults begin!

The T-55's assault the farm killing the mortar and 1 stand of infantry after losing one tank and 2 more bails to LAW and Charlie G fire in the shooting round. The T-72's attempt to assault the infantry in the woods only to lose 2 of their tanks to defensive fire.

The Brave Defence!!

Close with and ?????

Soviets really stuck in now!! Firing into the farmhouse yields no results other than pinning the 1st IG Plt.
The MRC Inf. move across the road in the open to get into the woods. The BMP's manage to kill 2 Gepards and bail a third. The BMP scout engage the Marder Troop Bailing 2. The Marder's remount 1 and shoot at the BMP's Killing 3. The Gepard Zug after making their moral check remounts and destroyed another 2 BMP's. The 432's moved up and engaged the Inf. in the open taking a terrible toll of 3 AK's and 2 RPG stands. The IG in the farmhouse unpins and unleash hell on the T-55's taking one out and bailing another. The Leo's destroy another 3 T-72's and bail the last one. They fail their Moral and spike the last tank. Harriers came in again and failed to kill anything.

They came in the same ol way

The Soviet player was able to get his Hinds on board and took out 2 of the Leo's. They were in turn engaged by all of the infantry milan teams and 3 were killed. The last failing his moral check left the area!! The remaining BMP's were taken out by the combined fire of the British Inf. as well as the Gepards. Both Transport Co's failed their moral and destroyed the remaining bailed tracks and left. The 432's again shot at the Inf in the open as well as the dug in Inf behind them and pinned both. The TOW Lynx's arrived to shoot at the BMP's before they fled and killed one. The Harriers came in again and destroyed the final T-5's in the farm courtyard as well as the BRDM's on the other side of the wall. The Tank Co failed their moral as well as that of the Formation Commander after being bailed out.

And were defeated in the same ol way!!!

At this point we were heading into turn 5 with the store closing in 10 minutes. The WP both agreed that they could not accomplish their objectives within the next 2 turns and then conceded the battlefield. This was a close run thing but the British Infantry really showed what they were made of!! Amazingly enough he Harriers showed up every turn and managed to destroy their points worth despite my lousy roll's

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