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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Brandenburg Brawl

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West German
VS Warsaw Pact

Attacker - Leopard 1 recon company

Leopard 1 Company

-Leopard 1 Panzer Kompanie HQ - 1x Leopard 1 (3 pts)
--Leopard 1 Panzer Zug - 3x Leopard 1 (9 pts)
--Marder Panzergrenadier Zug - 3x G3 Rifle with Panzerfaust 44 anti-tank rocket, 2x Milan missile, 3x Marder
--Leopard 1 Panzer Zug - 2x Leopard 1 (6 pts)
--Jaguar 2 Jagdpanzer Zug - 3x Jaguar 2 (5 pts)
--Gepard Flakpanzer Batterie - 4x Gepard (10 pts)
--Luchs Spah Trupp - 2x Luchs (1 pts)
--Luchs Spah Trupp - 2x Luchs (1 pts)
--Tornado Strike Flight - 4x Tornado (8 pts)

Total: 50 Points

Leo-1's are repped with M60's.

Defender - BMP Mot-Schütz Batallion

Volks Armee Bataillon

- BMP Mot-schutzen Bataillon HQ - 1x BMP-1, 1x MPi KM (1 pt)
-- BMP-2 Mot-schutzen Kompanie - 4x MPi KM with RPG-18, 3x RPG-7, 4x BMP-2 (8 pts)
--- Additional AGS-17 grenade launcher - 1x AGS-17 grenade launcher, 1x BMP-2 (2 pts)
-- BMP-1 Mot-schutzen Kompanie - 4x MPi KM with RPG-18, 3x RPG-7, 4x BMP-1 (6 pts)
---Additional SA-14 Gremlin AA - 1x SA-14 Gremlin AA missile, 1x BMP-1 (1 pt)
-- T-72M Panzer Kompanie - 6x T-72M (19 pts)
-- ZSU-23-4 Shilka Flak Zug - 4x ZSU-23-4 Shilka (4 pts)
-- 2S1 Carnation Artillerie Batterie - 3x 2S1 Carnation (6 pts)
--- BMP-1 OP - 1x BMP-1 OP (1 pt)
-- Spandrel Panzerabwehr Zug - 3x Spandrel (2 pts)

W.German deployment
E.German deployment

Defender rolled for first turn.

E.German Turn 1
Inf rush to obj nothing else happend.

W.German Turn 1

I moved my Leo's up and took long shots on shilkas destroy one and bail one. Tornadoes answer the call and go for the inf taking out 4 stands!!

E.German Turn 2

BmP try shooting at Hq leo but dont hit. Arty ranges in on leo's but i make all my saves. Inf fail to dig in.

W.German Turn 2

Move Gepards closer to inf. Leo's try to take out more shilkas but nothing hits. Hq Leo takes out two BmP's

E.German Turn 3

No reserves and night falls.

ineffected fire. Not much to do when in this position.

W.German Turn 3

No reserves

Move Gepards and Leo's in position not close enough to do any thing.

E.German Turn 4

Reserves BMP-2 support

BMP-2 come on in the middle try to see the Gepards but to my luck they see nothing inf moves on my obj.

W.German Turn 4

Leo 1's

I move in on the remaning inf and in the hail of fire only one stand is left. Marders go in to defend the obj. I assault with everything i have near the obj and take out the last stand but loose one Gepard in the process.

E.German Turn 5


T-72 come in on the wrong side of the table trying every thing he can he moves BmP to take on Gepards maneging to kill all but one. Arty bails one leo'1 and T-72 and BmP-2 hit nothing. Testing the Gepards and ofcours they dont leave knowing victory is guaranteed.

W.German Turn 5

VICTORY!! With nothing to contest the obj i win.

I was trying out Leo'1 for the first time and i really like them. I think Victor should have put the T-72's on in deployment and i would not have had such a easy time. But it help't that my Tornadoes did such damage to the inf in the start and night came on soon.

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