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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign


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West German
VS Warsaw Pact

First fight was for Leipzig. I havin't playd TY for a while (maybe 2 games since last firestorm) so i made some bad choices in this game but it was alot of fun.

The group decided that we had to field at least half in MBT in the first game so i decided to take leo2 and design the list around them.

Set up.

I had the first turn and saw an opertunity to take out both the RED's AA and a platoon of T72's. Moved my leos around the field and a quick shooting from Jag, Leo and Milan destroyd every thing i whised for. Lucs moved up the flank to try and bait out ambush.

Turn 2 and in comes the tornado! I had a really lucky shot with the tornado and cleard a platoon of T55's and T72 only leaving one left alive.

T55's try to dig up the infantry so that they can flank the main force. Leo's are having a great time picking out targets.

With most of Enemy unites out of steam my mane force had to move quicly towards Bmp and clear the objective.

Infantry got cheep side shots on the last platoon of T55's assault took care of rest.

Last few rounds had nothing mutch going on but i was cutting it really close but on turn 9 i finally killed the last Bmp.

New Blood on the left, Old man on the right.

This was an awsome game looking forward to playing more during the firestorm.

We will liberate Berlin!

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West German