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Firestorm: Stripes

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Stolen Equipment

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West German
VS British
Major Beaver

My second battle was fought at the outskirts of Frankfurt. Since our play group lacks WP players we fought a little blue on blue but decided that we would each report as NATO and treat the other as they where RED's in stolen Equipment.

I started with Leo's, Gepards, Tornados and Jaguar 1. The Jag's went in ambush. Nothing much happend the first turn and the same goes for the Red's (think my guys where not convinced that the east had stolen so much from the Brits). On turn 2 the Air support show up and manage to kill 2 scorpions and 2 troopcarriers.

Some sniping between Leo's and Chieftain but nothing happend until turn 3 when the Leo's dealt with AA and Tornado's took out a 3 Chieftain's.

Red's got a little cocky and send their remaining Chieftain's to take side shots on Leo's but manage to hit not one shot! And the HQ unit takes out one Jag on the otherside of the table there is a massacre. by this time i had gotten inf and 2 units of Luchs on the table who ran strait for the obj. But did nothing to the dug down inf.

Last reserves arrive for Red's and a Lynx Airmobile Platoon take out one Leo. I quikly dealt with them and ran the Leo's a cross the table. Brits killed my inf and all 4 of my Luch's but me Gepards where contesting the Obj and in the final round the Red's could not get rid of them.

Leo's close by

We decided to stop here since it was only a matter of time before i dig up the rest of the platoon and all of my force to focus on them. 4-3 victory.

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West German


  • Nabeshin says:

    There we a lot happening around that one rock it seems XD Don’t be afraid to put a couple more pictures or paragraphs in for a cosy read.

  • Stone says:

    Good report. Thanks for posting this.

  • recce103c says:

    F3N. Excellent reporting, your opponent can’t win them all and terrain is uncompromising . Carry on with the mission. Suck them in!!

  • recce103c says:

    F3N. Excellent reporting, you can’t win them alk and terrain is uncompromising . Carry on with the mission. Suck them in!!

  • Victor says:

    Nice report, wish my games were that short.

    We have to get you a better camera!

    I’m expecting Red Alert to knock you down a notch in the coming battle 😉

  • Storm Caller says:

    Nice report.

  • Major Beaver says:

    Thanks for a great game Frym3n. The outcome was shifting back and forth through out the game. Fun, exciting and bloody, what more can you ask for?

  • Frym3n says:

    I am trying to get as many games in as i can. Fighting against Red Alert later this week! Going to be a hard fight.

  • PEIPER says:

    Good job! Keep up the momentum Fry!

  • NinerTwoGolf says:

    Thanks, Frym3n!

  • Frym3n says:

    NinerTwoGolf i use this site http://tylists.blogspot.is/?m=0

  • NinerTwoGolf says:

    What did you use for your list builder?

    That looks like Forces of War but I didn’t see any TY books on there.

    Good report and looked like an interesting battle.

  • Frym3n says:

    Major Beaver will be reportn a Nato loss i think

  • fingolfen says:

    Not sure how you’re working the reporting on this one… Seeing a lot of blue on blue at this point…

  • bayankhan says:

    nice report, I can’t complain about bad pictures, but I’m confused by how you are reporting. Presumptively one of you lost, and will post a NATO loss in the same theater? Good initiative, though

  • Frym3n says:

    Sorry for bad pictures.