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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Saved by a white elephant!

United States
VS Warsaw Pact

Story of Captain Wiliams of 1st Battalion, 67th Armor Regiment.

This battle is a friendly battle to test the tactics of tank combat.

The time is 9.00 a.m.
Date – 22 August, NORTHAG HQ, Düsseldorf, North Rhine-Westphalia.
- Excellent guys! These new tanks are incredibly good. Gather, check them in the case! - Williams informed his crews after accepting new IPMs.
- Go into battle right now? - asked someone from the group of tankmen.
- Well, first a short walk through the Frankfurt area. Let's look at them in the field.

The time is 15.00 a.m.
Date – 22 August, near Dierdorf
"The first and second platoon move forward to the village. I'll stay here on the hill for a while and try to set up a connection. Devilish new equipment does not work normally."
Commanded Williams and again began to call NATO forces through secure channels.

The second platoon approached cheerfully to the intersection and stopped to see the silhouettes of Soviet tanks in sight.
"Captain, we have problems!" reported the commander of the second platoon with horror looking at the detachments of Soviet tanks going through the hills directly to them for a meeting.
"The first platoon is here." We're going to help! "
"Move the Yankees, it's our prey, we've been looking for them half a day!" There was a voice in the radio with a strong German accent.
"What is it? What idiot guessed to paint tanks in white? Who are you at all like that?" said broadcast first platoon leader when strange tanks looking like Leo-2 moved from adjacent road close to the intersection.
"What a difference to you, if we were all here to shoot the Soviets!" answered him on the radio and the white Leo-2 opened fire immediately struck the detachment T-72 on the hill.
At that moment the Soviets opened fire and one of the tanks of the second platoon got hit directly into the turret. "Everything is normal commander." Armor is not punched! " the commander of the platoon heard a joyful shout on the radio.
"It's okay guys. I saw these guys on white tanks, they're for us." Williams reported on the radio and his tank joined the first platoon.
They began firing on group T 64 which moving through the forest.
Meanwhile, the white Leo-2 successfully destroyed the second detachment of Soviet tanks.
A new detachment T-72 appeared on the left flank.
But their shells could not penetrate the armor of the new IPMs of the second platoon.
"Accurate guys" commanded the commander of the second platoon Abramov and his tanks passed slightly back.
And having opened fire immediately achieved success.
But all the new tanks of the Soviets appeared on the battlefield.
They rushed forward to coming aboard the second platoon. But again missed.
The second platoon surrendered back, and Leo-2 finally appeared from the forest. And together, two detachments opened fire.
And again Soviet tanks were blazing.
On the right flank after a few minutes of shooting, the first platoon with its shells finally broke the armor of Soviet tanks.
And the transient battle ended when the remnants of Soviet tanks hurriedly left the battlefield.

"Hey Yankees. And then you all are doing in this area?" came a message from a white tank. "Are you lost?"
"No, damn our maneuvers, "muttered Williams to the walkie-talkie.
"Well, we heard you clearly only from a kilometer probably, and the you's radio signal of such power that clogs all communications for tens of kilometers around." said Leo-2 commander leaning out the hatch.
"But the hell with it. We're lost, and the radio does not work. Can you take us back to yours? " Williams swore.
"No problem." The commander of Leo-2 laughed.

And a minute later a column of white and green-brown tanks left the battlefield.

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