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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Encounter near Leipzig

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United States
Der Scholinger
VS Warsaw Pact
Nikolai Zhukuv

Our first battle at this saturday. We decided to play at the Leipzig sector.
The dice roll showed that we played an ENCOUNTER with me defending.

This time my strategy was to sit back an let this damned T-64 coming while i feed them with AT21 fire.
Hopefully my reservers arrived early and at the right place. And that i could keep the enemy Airfare at bay.
Those Su-25’s are flying rocket spitting devils

The US Force
and the Soviet Force (a lot of flying stuff)
The Battlefield

I started at the left side and decided to place a M1 platoon, my VADS, the ITV platoon and M109's with the OP.
The VADS should counter the BRDMs if the rushed forward, the M1's hided behind the destroyed factory and the ITV's along with the OP on the Hill behind.
The M109 platoon started in the middle.

Nico placed two T-64 platoons, his BRDMS on my left side and the storms on my right flank.

The Set-up

Turn 1:

I followed my plan and stayed back, only my M109's moved into the cover of the near wood.
My M1's fired smoke on the T-64's behind the railroad to blind them.

In the middle the T-64 platoon moved over the hill opening fire on the VADS killing two.
The other T-64 platoon crossed the railroad and shot at the M1's but were unable to cause any damage.
On the right flank the storms rushed forward through the fields.

Blind them!
The left flank
Soviet advance
Easy targets for the T-64's on the hill

Turn 2:

I wanted revenge for my VADS and opened fire with everything i had on the T-64's killing the whole platoon in a row of bursting steel and exploding ammunition. Hell YEAH! Thats how it should work.

The communists in return killed my M109's with combined fire of the storms and the T-64 platoon in the middle. And another VADS was killed by the T-64's. The remaining VADS refused to flee.

YES! I love the smell of burning T-64's
One more is gone
The beasts in the middle

Turn 3:

No reserves, thats not good but ok. I moved my M1's around the factory to get the T-64 platoon at the hill. With blazing guns my Tanks scored 7! hits at 16"! But Nico was lucky and saved all. The soviet answer would be terrible. My ITV's fired at the BRDMs but missed them totally.

On the WP side the Hinds arrived at the field and headed straight towards the M1's.
The BRDMS crossed the left hill and blew up the last VADS. All my AA was history.
Then the T-64 opened fire at the M1's...
...and missed historically!
But the Hinds therefore destroyed three tanks only the CC survived.

The field at the start of Turn 3
T-64's with soviet superdupermega armor
First kill for the BRDM's
The Hinds easily killed the M1's

Turn 4:

No reserves again! That's it, this game is lost.
I moved my CC behind the factory and shot at the BRDM's killing one.
The ITV's missed Hinds. A short US turn.

On the Soviet side the SU-25 arrived. The BRDM's secured the objective, the Storms killed the ITV's and at last the Frogfoots blew up my CC-Tank. Game over.

ITV's missed the Hinds
The last very very small US victory
Objective secured
ITV's also gone
And last but not least the CC M1 was fed with rockets

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Warsaw Pact
Nikolai Zhukuv


  • Nabeshin says:

    Unlucky on the result but at least you got revenge for those VADS! Decent report!

  • PhillipRus says:

    Excellent report. great destroed markers!

  • TheCaptain1989 says:

    Great report! A hard fought battle – it’s a real shame when reserves (or lack thereof) mess up the game plan.

  • Der Scholinger says:

    I used all the AA Units I have but the HMMWV’s are unlucky to do any damage 🙁

  • Stingray says:

    I think this is a very bad matchup for NATO. You should definitely think about bringing more AA next time. Great pictures and nice report, though.

  • recce103c says:

    Recommended you for the effort to keep the battle going

    bind those Commies at Leipzig – Encounter is not an easy one

  • CrazyIvan17 says:

    Looks like it was a great game! Well done the AAR and the victory!

  • bayankhan says:

    Outstanding game, guys. Hard fought

  • recce103c says:

    Excellent terrain and nice Models

    First time I see Frogfoots this campaign – have the been given a go ahead after been grounded

    nice AA and good pictures

    thx 4 Sharing