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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

fight in Hanover

Warsaw Pact
VS West German
Alex T

The Game

Alex wanted revenge for the loss earlier today
Mission was Counterattack
85/86 points
West Germans VS Soviets
West German is attacker-has the first turn
He rolled-Dusk

Prebattle Set-up

Alex used a tank heavy force-I used a list I had prepped for a Ruhr mission. I put both tank companies in reserve and used a spandrel unit as ambushers and the Storms and BMP-2s would start on the board (those reserves better arrive early)

Turn 1

Leo2s cross the ford-fire at Storms-worst rolling ever produces no hits. Leo 1s head for the bridge at the other end of the table-they fire at the BMP-2s and bail 1

No reinforcements!! BMP-2 remounts, Spandrels ambush-and miss-they do pass shoot and scoot though. Storms miss as well. The BMP2s manage to bail 1 Leo 1

Bad rolling for both sides. I have a really bad feeling about this game

Turn 2

Leo 1 does not remount-the other Leo1s decide to road blitz and they do, The Luchs follow them. The Leo2s move and again have 6 shots at the storms and again-cant hit anything-the Storms are concealed but still 12 dice rolls and nothing over a 3?

The T-72 company arrives as a reinforcement and has 5 shots at the Leo 2s I roll a 1,1,2,2,2, so it's gonna be one of those games? Durchanko and the spandrels blitz and both hit a Leo2 platoon getting 2 Kills total.

Leo2s on fire

Turn 3

1 Leo2 platoon fails morale and 1 passes. The Leo2 fires at Durchenko-he rolls a 6 for his armor save.
The Jag1 KIA 2 Spandrels. The last Leo2 fires at the T-72 and again cant get the job done and just bails 1. The Leo1s have reached the end of the road (literally)

A T-64 company arrives and moves to confront the Leo1s plus infantry zug. The T-64 NV is 24 fires at the Leo1s and miss. Storms NV-24 fire at the Leo2s and miss. Durchenko misses, T-72s NV-16 the fire get 2 hits and the Leo2 passes both armor saves.

The tanks are here

Turn 4

Jag1 cant see anything. Leo2s fire at T-72s 6 hits only 3 bails!!! Alex changes dice. Leo1s are closing in on the attackers objective

2 T-72s remount. get 2 hits on the Leo2s (had 7 shots) 1 KIA, 1 armor save. Storms cant see. Durchenko bails a Leo2. The T-64s and the BMP-2s move but cant see the Leo1s

Leo2s begin to go

Turn 5

Leo2 passes morale but wont remount. Jag1s fail their blitz but move since they are at least 26 inches from any targets. The 72s NV-24 fire and KIA the bailed Leo2. The T-64s NV-24 fire at the Leo1s and KIA only 1.

Leo1s closing on the objective.

turn 6

The Jag1s have nothing to shoot at-fail blitz and move. The Leo1s move up and fire at the T-64s at point blank range they get 2 KIAs and 1 bail. The other 2 Leo1s have 4 shots at the front of a T-64 and roll 4 1s to hit!!!!

The T-72s dash to help the T-64s. The T-64 remounts and they fire at the Leo1s and miss all 3 shots. Durchenkos T-64-nv 20 KIAs a Jag1. Storms cant see. The lone spandrel passed morale, but I forgot him all alone in the small patch of woods.

I can honestly say I have never seen such bad rolling...ever

Turn 7

German:Jag1s NV-8 cant see anything. Leo1 KIA1 T-64 and bail 2. Luchs move to cover

Durchenko NV-20 KIAs another Jag1. Storms can see. T-72 moving-NV16-fire at Leo1s all miss. T-64 passes morale-remounts-fires-misses.

When you bring a tank to a knife fight

Turn 8

By this time I'm ready for a draw, but Alex thinks he can win so I keep going.

Lone Jag-1 cant see. Leo1s Kia another T-64, they KIA 2 T-72s and bail 1-Hey maybe Alex can win this. His infantry dismounts and is headed for the objective.

The lone T-64 passes morale and KIAs a Leo1. The T-72s KIA another Leo1. The Storms can finally see the Jag-1 and with 3 shots, manage to eliminate that unit. Hails range in on their 2nd attempt and eliminate 1 team and 1 Luch.


turn 9-the end

both Leo1 zugs fail morale-with that the fight is over. So close. Alex liked this fight-right on the edge till the end. Night really hurt me and really helped him. A fun fight. Alex and I are going to Chicago next weekend and he wants to buy some US or maybe even British stuff.

The Videos

Comrades, we managed to capture some of these videos-enjoy them.

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