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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Encounter at Hattersheim

Warsaw Pact
VS West German
Adam Norris

The Mission

We have lost contact with enemy forces North of the town of Hattersheim. We need to regain contact so that we can force them into a defensive stance.
The mission of 2nd Tank battalion is to regain contact with enemy forces. If possible destroy any armored elements you may run into. We are opposed by West German recon elements-expect Leo1, Leo2s and armored infantry-fast moving light armored vehicles are also very likely to be encountered. The Air Defense Artillery status is green so air assets are available. Chemical weapons have been denied.

Find the enemy they said, it will be easy they said

The Game

65 points
East German against West Germans
Encounter Mission
West Germans are the attackers
East Germans move first

Turn 1

I set up my T-72Ms in the center on the north side of the river in some light cover. The T-55s and BRDMs I put on the road near the bridge. I left the Hinds, and the 2 companies of BMP-2s in reserve. I am opposed by a Jag 1 platoon and 3 Leo1s facing the T-55s. The T-72s will face 2 Leo2s, 3 Leo1s, and some Gephards. His Luch sections and infantry platoon are in reserve.

East German Turn:
Roll a 6 and hinds arrive in the center-move to attack the Leo1s nearest the bridge. The BRDM scouts road dash near the objective-the T-72s move to lure the Leo1s and 2s out of their cover. The T-55s move onto the bridge/overpass. The T-55s fire at the exposed Jag1-miss. The Hinds survive the AAmg fire from the Leo1s and KIA 2 of them with ATGMs.

West German Turn:
No reserves.
The remaining Leo 1 fails morale. Jag1s fire at the T-55s ( 2 shots) bail 1. The Jag1s pass their shoot and scoot. The Leo1s and 2s wont take the bait and leave cover to fire at the T-72Ms.

Tanks get 40 miles per gallon highway?

Turn 2

East German Turn:
No reserves. T-55s road dash toward the objective. Hinds move and fire at the Jag1s and miss.

West German Turn:
No reserves. Jag1s KIA 1 T-55. They pass their shoot and scoot as well. The Leo2s and Leo1s now have to move-the 2s will fire at the T-72Ms (2 misses) and the Leo1 platoon is headed toward the town and the T-55s.

Looks like an early win

Turn 3

East German Turn:
1 BMP-2 company arrives on my far left and heads for the ford. T-55s move to the objective, they fire and KIA 1 Jag-1. The T-72Ms fire at the Leo2s but the shots just bounce off (frontal shots) 2 T-55s have flank shots at a Leo2 and KIA it. Hinds survive another round of AA machine gun fire only to miss the remaining Leo2 twice.

West German Turn:
The Rolands arrive. The Leo 2 fails morale-and beats feet. The Jag1s pass blitz and fire at the Hinds-they make their armor save. The Leo1 platoon KIAs a T-55.

T72 Ms command the center. Prohibiting movement on the other side.

Turn 4

East German Turn:
Last BMP-2 company arrives exactly where the last company arrived. 1st BMP-2 company crosses the river-2 bog down. Hinds land to drop off assault team. T-55s bail 2 Leo1s. The BRDM scouts are now on the objective. 4 T-72M shots at the Jag 1s miss. The 2 BMP-2s that crossed the river fire and bail 1 Roland.

West German Turn:
All reserves arrive. All 3 (2 Luchs. 1 Fuchs infantry platoon) arrive in the center. The Rolands pass morale and remount. 2 Leo1s do not remount. The 2 remaining Leo1s KIA 1 T-55. 1 Luchs section moves to the objective and destroys 2 BRDM-2s. Another Luchs section forces the Hinds back into the air and fires at the Hinds-no damage. The Gepards fire at the BMP-2s and turns them into scrap. (infantry teams are ok) The Jag-1 bails a T-72 and a Roland shoots down a Hind.

Turned into scrap.

Turn 5

East German Turn:
The remaining Hind passes morale. T-55s at Leo1-1 KIA, T-55s at Luchs and they KIA both. T-72M at Jag1s and 1 is toast. The BMP-2s (the 2 that were bogged) KIA 1 Roland. The new BMP-2 company crosses the river-again 2 bog down. This time the 2 that passed KIA 1 Gephard. The Hind knocks the CO's Leo1 out.

West German Turn:
The infantry from the Luchs dismount. The last Leo1 passes morale. The Roland and the Gephard both fail morale and flee. The last Jag1 passes morale. The Jag-1 fires and KIAs a T-72M.

The end is near.

Turn 6

East German Turn:
T55s miss the Jag-1s. The Hind KIAs the last Leo1.

West German Turn:
The 2 scout Luchs are still on the objective as well as 4 T-55s (lots of shooting and missing) The Jag-1 fires at the hind and it makes it's save. The infantry fires it's Pzfst and they bail 2 BMP-2s

Shooty but no hitty.
Running out of things to fight with


The T-55s and the Hind finally eliminate the Luchs section. The Jag-1 is also eliminated and the German player surrenders.

The video

The video is a bit lengthy, but very interesting as it shows some of the workings of the Czech built ( I think) T-72.

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Warsaw Pact


  • recce103c says:

    Spectacular terrain and well written AAR

  • Major H. Jones says:

    Good report, not so good outcome. ; )

  • Tovarishch Vilgelm says:

    And another great victory!

    Superb report! Integrated pictures support a coherent narrative that tells the story of the battle. The way it should be…

    And on top of it all, it’s always tasty when one’s foe is not only beaten but is forced to surrender… 😉

  • Major Beaver says:

    Nice AAR. Lovely terrain as well.

  • PanzerGrau says:

    Fantastic final victory comrade general. Well played. Well done on the report as well. We will prepare a triumphal march upon your return home as well.

  • bayankhan says:

    Great report Dave