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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

This is it boys, this is what we waited for.

United States
VS Warsaw Pact
Doug Glyndwyr

It’s good to be back in the thick of things. We have got a small game in while we await the rest of the players to arrive and sign up.

Waiting on players to arrive, a week or two work/school permitting for most of our players. We ended up with a little bit of free time to play a 50 point tank game.

I was fielding my Abrams tanks while Doug had his standard t-72 horde selection and we threw down in a ruined urban setting. Pictures to follow

Fighting over a destroyed village today, while we play some of the greatest hits of the 80s over the boombox

US forces on the field today is Team Wolverine, after a few months of R&R we came back with our men ready to stomp the red menace into the mud. 5 Abrams tanks total, with a scout element, FIST and ITVs. And I decided to try my hand with the mortar platoon.

Doug brought a full 10 T-72s and a BMP2 scout squadron and opted for the far left corner as his deployment zone.

We opted to do a take and hold mission type to stretch our dice before the big battle. The Guinness lid is the stash of beer the reds want to steal from the dirty capitalists, so we rolled off and I decided to place the objective marker in the corner building, the Bmps have a squad of raiders hitching along for this very mission and are lightly armed for sake of points balance.

We are here for your superior beer capitalist pig dogs!

Bad luck again for the Russians. Three 72s got bogged down in difficult terrain. While the factory provided little in the way of resistance to the tanks lumbering through the bricks. No clear lines of fire. The Bmps shot directly for the stash and the lead tank was obliterated by the ITV platoon as soon as it arrived, meanwhile the scouts for the US were sneaking off to the right, hoping to shoot n scoot through the terrain. While the Fist waited for its chance to dash for cover.

Talk about nail biting, the horde of 72s advanced and hit my Abrams hard, forcing three bailouts, lots of missing on both sides, aside from the 2 72s earlier that were knocked out by the mortars, my 113s were getting hit hard, I swung my ITVs out and hit the remaining BMP.... well that's what I would've liked to have said, in reality I've never rolled so many 1s in my life. The Fist was hit by machine gun fire and cooked off pretty good, while my scout team lined up and missed a shot on the 72s in the rear of the horde. Turn was up and it was time to pay the reaper and see if my tanks were dead.

Oh thank Christ no losses.
Last turn of the game, both Bmps destroyed and a failed morale check meant the 72s bugged out. The scout ITV got a a final parting threat after the other ITV squadron was destroyed.

Wow what a fight, had a blast blowing up some Russian tanks. The beer was liberated by the troops before heading back to their staging area for the assault on the HOF proper.

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