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Fight for the Teltow Canal

Warsaw Pact
VS United States

NON-NARRATIVE NOTE: This was a 4 player, 2v2 battle. My group wanted to do a multi-player game, with each player running 50 pts, 2 Soviet and 2 US. And after seeing the river table from a couple weeks ago, they wanted the challenge of that terrain in Berlin this week! Who was I to say no? We now return you to your regularly scheduled WWIII narrative AAR.

The Teltow Canal, just south of Tempelhof Airfield.

Major Sergetov looked over the silent waters of the canal. Never did he imagine when he ordered to the front that the front would be in the southern portions of Berlin. While the NATO Berlin Brigades had fought valiantly at the start of the war, simple numbers ensured their ultimate defeat. But now, many days after the US counter offensive began, US forces had reached the city and were trying to establish a foothold, Sergetov, a replacement commander for the 10th Guards Tank division in the Hanover sector, had been ordered to tank his forces and those of the rebuilding 9th Tank Division toward the Teltow and ensure that reported American forces in the region did not establish a presence on the north side.

"Comrade Major, recon reports American forces nearing the bridges!"
Following their scouts, US M60s move into their starting positions.
US Cav scouts spearhead across the rail-bridge to gain a small, but essential foothold on the north side of the canal.
American M1s eye Soviet positions across the canal.
Major Sergetov move's what forces he has initially available into position.

With little time to spare, Sergetov demanded all forces to converge on his position before the American could overwhelm him. Sensing their tactical advantage, the Americans advanced for the canal bridges with their customary wild abandon. Their M60s located and engaged some of Sergetov's scouts, while the rest of their armor pushed for the bridges, firing at anything that looked like a Soviet tank.

"Why hello there little BMP..."
The US tanks roll out!
And shoot anything not a building.

With the American's aggressively advancing all across the front, Sergetov had the supporting Hinds from the 9th Tanks move to opposite bank. Maybe there they could deploy their assault forces and create a distraction for the Americans. Another surprise, although a pleasant one, was the arrival of a unit of T-64s, rapidly responding to his pleas for assistance. Moving up, they spotted a pair of advancing American tanks and opened fire, hitting and killing both. Meanwhile the 9th Tanks detachment commander was doing his best to stem the tide of approaching US tanks, but was praying he too would get support before long.

Hinds deploy to the south bank.
10th Guards reinforcements arrive right on time!

Sensing that the Soviet position will only get stronger with time, the American commanders re-double their effort to force a crossing. Dealing with the last BMP scout on the south bank, the American M1s dashed across the canal and engaged Sergetov's T-64s, claiming one.

American M60s eliminate the last defenseless scout.
"Who is this Leroy Jenkins the Americans always scream to?!"

As more T-64s arrived to hold the center, Sergetov swung the units already online to engage the American M1s. If they were not dealt with rapidly, they would run amok amok through his formation. Through weight of fire, and a little lick, Segetov's tanks killed 2 of the American beasts. Across the canal, the Hinds landed and the assault troops jumped out, taking positions along the rail-bridge.

All troops will debark for ground assault!
A deadly duel of tank fire.

With the pace of battle shifting towards the Soviets, the Americans requested reinforcements. Their seemed to be some debate among the command elements, before a flight attack helicopters arrived to take overwatch positions along the canal. As they moved into concealed positions, the American tankers continued to hold to their aggressive strategy, pushing the bridges and firing at known Soviet positions.

The Americans press across another bridge.
Cobras arrive to support.
American scouts, employing the infamous Soviet 'lurking bush' strategy, claim a T-64.

Despite losses mounting, Sergetov could still see more reinforcements arriving to his sector as T-72s from the 9th Tanks moved to support their commander. To help try and put pressure on the Americans, a unit of T-64s advanced across one of the bridges, engaging in a bridge-to-bridge duel with the American tanks on another bridge.

T-72s to the rescue of their shaken commander.
Bridge-to-bridge fire commences.
US recon imagery of the engagement along the eastern bridges.

As Soviet tanks continued to stream into the area, the American commanders could do only one thing, charge forward! Rallying their troops, and with an influx on another tank unit, they pushed forward on all front and would force the Soviets to engage on their terms.

With their tanks fully committed to the fight for the north shore, the Americans trusted that a lone ACAV M113 HQ and pending reserves would be enough to deal with the small Soviet assault force that had landed on south side of the canal.

American reserves arrive!
While their fellow tankers push onto the north side of the canal.
Killing the 9th Tanks detachment commander!
The Americans hope that a heavy does of .50 cal fire will keep the Soviet away.

With the American reinforcements completely neutralizing the counter push across the river and his co-commander KIA or WIA, Sergetov focused on defending the north side of the canal. If he could not get to the south side, then he at least would not permit the Americans to gain a foothold on the north side! Brow-beating the surviving elements of the 9th Tanks forward to clear the Americans off the bridges, he moved to destroy the American sniper ITV that had been sending missiles at his tanks, while his surviving T-64s tried to deal with the surviving American M1s. It was a battle that Sergetov looked was not going to be his this day...and then through the static, he could here the Assault troops declare they had secured the southern exit of the rail-bridge and we digging in.

American M1s wreak havoc on the Soviet tankers.
Za Rodina!
Wait a minute....You are not a bush...shoot it, shoot it!!!

Confident of victory, the Americans continued to press their advantage, destroying any and every Soviet tank that they could get in their sites. Then, they lost contact with the ACAV M113 on the south canal. Realizing just what that meant, as well as the fact that most of their forces were out of position to prevent the Soviet troops from digging in and calling in air and artillery strike on their formations, the American commanders rushed their attack helicopters to the scene, hoping their guns could clear them off and by them time for the latest wave of reinforcements to arrive.

"The rail-bridge is clear Comrades, I repeat, we have secured the rail-bridge!"
A flurry of shells at close range end the Soviet tank threat to the south side.
While the M60s continue to try and hold the north side.
"Go, go, go!! Get to the objective, double quick boys!!"
The Hail Mary play of the game!!!

When the firing ceased, the Soviet Assault troops remained in their positions, steadfast in the face of American firepower. Realizing that they did not have the troops to both force the north side of the canal and prevent the Soviets from advancing against the south side, the American commanders decided to husband their troops for the next major push into Berlin. Sregetov looked around him as the firing died down. While their probe had been beaten off, the Americans had come too close to pushing across the canal and into the heart of the city. A close run thing, and Sergetov only hoped he would get some more support before the Americans tried again.

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Warsaw Pact


  • Nabeshin says:

    Nice, I like a big 2v2 like this. Surprised anyone got over the bridge with how lethal it is. Good report!

  • Klute says:

    My Infantry would not have liked this table. Looks great and creative…. Great AAR. NATO should have had the Navy in the middle. LOL

  • CrazyIvan17 says:

    I’m sure they could. This was a 2v2 game, with each player running a 50 pt force. Added a fun dynamic, especially when it came to reinforcements.

  • HMS_Belfast says:

    Not even the Justice League is good enough for you it seems! Commended.

  • recce103c says:

    Nice set up. this is how I like battles 🙂

    Brutal, a pity ACOV couldn’t hold it against the Soviets

    thx 4 sharing

  • bayankhan says:

    beautifully done

  • thommo1137 says:

    Love the table and great idea. Some of the vehicles are really nicely painted as well.

  • Harald Knauer says:

    Awesome report, congratulations on the victory!

  • Red Alert says:


    Warms the heart comrade, warms the heart tovarish.

    A much needed win and a great Battle report.

  • PanzerGrau says:

    Wow, what a battle. Great idea, and a great write up comrade.

  • CrazyIvan17 says:

    I guess it’s a good thing we are all Air Force officers with no tactical ground sense who just want to have fun games and create a fun narrative.

  • M. Nisbet says:

    I agree with Oberst Hunts. The table looks impressive, but the game wouldn’t be much fun unless everyone is as reckless and brave as each other. If not, it turns into slinging missiles and shells at each other.

  • Davehodo says:

    Awesome terrain. Think of all the fantastic carnage possibilities!!!!! Great report-great paint jobs on the Russians!!! Nicely done

  • CrazyIvan17 says:

    It does make for an interesting tactical challenge. Limited tactical mobility, but a lot of Road dashing can be done early on if you deploy right. On the plus side, there are certainly some very nice firing lanes. So far, everyone has liked the table in terms of both game play and narrative value.

  • Oberst Hunts says:

    I love that table but would not want to battle on it.

  • Oberst Hunts says:

    Really awesome battle and a great battle report. Your combat cameraman rocks.