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Firestorm: Stripes

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No Rest for the weary

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United States
Cpt Steel
VS Warsaw Pact

It was early in the morning before stand to, the 2nd Marine Division had just landed, they had 2nd LAR out scouting the surrounding areas while Alpha Battery 2nd Battalion 10th Marines was setting up a fire base supported by 1st Plt, Bravo Company, 2nd Tank Battalion. The Commanders were worried because their Infantry Support from Eco Company, 2nd Marines Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment had failed to arrive due to troubles with the USS Austin (LPD-4).

Then out of the east a Massive Soviet Armored column arrived, though they seems just as shocked to see the Marines as the Marines were to see them. Luckily the Engineers had set up some minefields on the Marines left flank hopping to channel the Soviets into their fields of fire in the center line of there defensive position.

Unfortunately the Marines were not able to see the Russian tanks till they were right on top of the defensive lines, and two of the M60 Tanks were quickly lost to T72 fire. The Marines were quick to counter attack but unfortunately the LAV-AT's failed to hit any targets on the left flank, the Soviet tanks then proceeded to move through the Land Mines and flank the Marines force. All seemed lost when Eco Company finally arrived with 2nd PLT Bravo Company, The added firepower delayed the Soviet attack enough for the Marines to Regroup and start its withdrawal.

Unfortunately 1st Plt had lost all of its tanks with only one being able to be salvaged, Alpha Battery was destroyed, and only the Commanding Officer from Charlie Company LAR was able to make it back to friendly lines.

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Warsaw Pact


  • Jagdpanzer says:

    damn, the bad guys won again…. oh well

  • Nabeshin says:

    Welcome to the fight, mate! Unlucky on the result, but there’s always next time. In this campaign, quality of reports mean a lot, so pictures go a long way at securing extra credit 😉

  • Cpt Steel says:

    Thanks guys 1st ever game, It was fun have to tweak the list a little bit here and there but I’ll hopefully get another one in here soon.

  • recce103c says:

    Cpt Steel – here – Recce103C – send contact report over!

  • bayankhan says:

    Hopefully you’ll get some data in, Comrade. But good to see you fighting. You too CPT Steel. I’ll wait until tomorrow to rate