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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Germans in the box with Bear on the side

Warsaw Pact
VS West German

This time our heros were called upon to attack into the Ruhr with it’s bridgehead mission.

Initial intel of the area, an industrial park with who knows what of strategic importance for our forces to seize.

The West Germans decided to defend the area on the right side of the recon photo, The 'box' extended roughly by the coal plant, out to about the green garage and then over to approximately where the bit of trees are located in the bottom right of the picture.

I devised a plan where I would have my small BMP-1 company on the right side by the red factory building as more of a diversion and the main thrust would be on the opposite side of the table.

Deployment on the Russian right flank ready to jump into the building.
Deployment on our left flank. My BDRMs spearheading on a small 4" section of land. Just enough to push the T-64s forward and into position for a fast strike.

Two factors were important going into this battle. West German reinforcements would come in behind us and there were 3 Leopard 2s in ambush out there. With it being dusk, I was well setup to execute a close in infantry fight presuming I could get in fast before reinforcements might arrive.

шагом марш!

With a milan a couple of stands of infantry and some marders in support we knew it was a matter of time and the position would be ours. By brining the T-64s, I hoped that would bait the Leopards 2 to make an appearance and I was not disappointed.

O ... Hi!

I wouldn't be able to trade many tanks for Leopard 2s so we would have to work fast. The BMP-2s and the infantry needed to get to work. Very ineffective shooting in Turn 1 and Turn 2 at least kept them pinned.

Unfortunately Gepards immediately showed up and started to shoot up the BMP-2s and Storms.

Thankfully the Leopard 2s just brewed up 2 T-64s. But the Gepards did cause the Storms to take a morale test which they failed and fled.

Pressing the attack.....

Between the direct fire artillery and BMPs the Gepards quickly were dispatched and I could get back to the task at hand, keeping the infantry pinned and preparing for the assault.

meanwhile on the opposite flank...

With 5 BMP1s and infantry I started to put pressure on. I took out two marders and tried very hard to make like I wasn't about to drop a bunch of missiles onto the rear of those leopard 2s.... Light was quickly fading as the sun set...

Down to 2 T-64s now ...

Three Leopard 2s down, (BMP1 missiles might be old and outdated but they work) the defending infantry holed up in coal plant, our forces in sight of the objective... push push push!

The last T-64 tank, a heroic crew drives forward and takes out the last Leopard 2.

Russian infantry swarming into the coal plant meeting up with the Russian infantry that had started over on the right flank. The german lines collapse, the objective is ours. Victory.

And with that, the 3rd victory for the tournament and 1st place for our Firestorm Stripes Team Yankee Tournament.

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Warsaw Pact