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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Warsaw Pact
VS Warsaw Pact

As Nato seems to be missing from local game shop, we decided to get in a Red on Red practice action.

Taking advantage of a quiet area behind the front lines, a perfect place for a little East German, Russian rivalry to be settled.

We decided to deploy on the high ground with it's nice view. The Artillery would show up eventually so what better place.

As only half the force was ready to go, I put the small BMP-1 force to hold the objective and the medium sized BMP2 company to cover the various fields of fire, ready to rain down missiles in many directions while parked behind a stone wall.

The T64s were back ready to take advantage of their superior ranged songster missiles.

We get the jump on the East Germans and nearly brew up an entire company of T-55s and T72Ms.

Now I'm face with a bit of a conundrum. Do I push hard with my infantry or should I roll with my tanks? I decide to hold off and see if I can knock off a few more tanks or BTR60s at range. Especially getting rid of the BTRs will help with an infantry assault and there are still more T55s that need to be watched for...

Unfortunately the East German BMP1s know how to shoot but likewise trying to draw more T55s and T72Ms out has worked.

This makes the decision for which objective to go for an easy one with some slight risk. I'll go for the one by the barn, with luck those T55s won't last long.

пехота вперед! The remaining BMP2s make quick work of them. Now if the T64s can take out most of those BTR60s in support, our numbers should easily result in a victory.
Clearly these men had their kasha this morning!
Where did those Spandrals come from? Poor Ivan...

Faced with a choice, do I keep trying to take out the BTR60s or should I take out the spandrels? Then the East Germans decided to get a little serous about going after an objective.

Thankfully my BRDM2s had just arrived as did my artillery....

With a couple of the BTR60s taken out, I figured it was time to pull the tanks so they with the BRDMs could take out this threat. Those brutal guns on infantry in the buildings should make short work of them...

Time to go for the win, assault #1, took out a few stands then the men decided they wanted to pull back and rest.... sigh...
Another go and it yields the victory. It seems that more training involving hand to hand is in order.

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Warsaw Pact