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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Disaster at Hof

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Warsaw Pact
VS West German

Army List

Points 64
T -72 Tank Battalion
T-72 Tank Battalion HQ (p.89) 1x T-72 5
T-72 Tank Company (p.90) 6x T-72 27
T-72 Tank Company (p.90) 6x T-72 27
2S1 Carnation SP Howitzer Battery (p.95) 3x 2S1 Carnation 5


Soviet "B" forces attempt to reopen a supply line in the Hof Gap

2 T-72 companies with a half battery of Carnations attempted to push through West German forces in the Hof Gap. Though this was a German Reserve force (based on the number of Leopard 1s)

Initial engagement was able to take out some Leos and Jaguars but the Soviets were not able to close on the Objectives. Artillery was able to score some hits and provide some suppression of the dismounted Panzergrenadiers.

When the T-72s could hit they were effective, key word when. The Germans tried and end around to take out the Carnations, but empty Marders do not fare well to 122mm direct fire.

NOTE: My assistant from Pravda was too busy keeping his head down to take may pictures. More/Better pictures on the Linked report.

T72s in their normal state: Burning

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West German


  • Comrade6 says:

    HEY! My crews qualified for Tank-Biathlon. Watch the tapes!

    (Really, it is on amazon Prime)

  • Chuck Badger 6 says:

    Comrade maybe we need to go to the tank ranges and qualify. Not poke holes in targets with pencils. Commissar will find out. Unless you pay him with Past blue ribbon beer! Joke….

  • recce103c says:

    Nice table and picture, ….

    you took a challenging list for yourself Comrade шесть

    recommended for the write up – good luck & вперед товарищ

  • Kubikhan says:

    I fail to see the disaster in a West German win, but good, concise reporting C6!

  • Nikolai Zhukuv says:

    Just a small setback! Keep on going tovarish!

  • Jagdpanzer says:

    too bad on the loss

  • Red Alert says:


    Yes, but Pravda can make “wins”.

    Sorry for our loss, it always bodes ill to read reports that have disaster in the title. Unless the writer is NATO, then it is pleasing 🙂

  • M. Nisbet says:

    Pravda only report the glorious victories of the Union.

  • Tovarishch Vilgelm says:

    Your reporter didn’t try hard enough. Our embedded Pravdy korrespondent went down (err, up) with his track. We found his camera, remarkably with some recoverable film in it, after the battle… Fight on!

  • PanzerGrau says:

    Good fight comrade. Keep attacking.

  • Stone says:

    Fun battle and a great time. Thanks for the game. Let me know if you head back down and we can pick up some additional battles.

  • Major H. Jones says:

    Succinct but easy to read. Pics are good but what do you want from a Pravda stringer?