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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Wall in the Ruhr

Warsaw Pact
Comrade Sealanov
VS British
Magor H Jones

The battle started off well. We layed smoke to cover the BMP assult. Forced a unit of british Rats out of their holes and brought on reinforcements on our left to clear the way to flank the enemy.

With our artillary missing the Brit infantry in the open and our reinforcements dieing quickly we pushed our BMP through the ity into the face of the British

Using Artillary, T64’s And agressive fire we pinned all the British scum and launched a fevered assault. The British defensive fire took killed 100% of the assaulting troops.

After a dual between British Infantry and our armor units There was nothig left of our 9 T-64 and 11 BMP’s but scrap metal.

I believe our Mutitions have been sabatoged. We will resupply and assault again in the near future.

Turn 2 while the British were moving to cover we dropped our Atill

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Magor H Jones