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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Leopards to the front first Brits now Germans

Warsaw Pact
Comrade Sealanov
VS West German
Heir Gruner

After hitting the Brits in the woods on first contact we swung right. With woods to the left our BMP’s headed left while our T72’s went for the open ground. German Lepords hit us hard early taking out 2 T72 while our rounds were bouncing harmlessly away. Taking direct command of the right calling in our air support and 4 more T72’s we quickly eliminated all German vehicles. And proceeded to take the woods. The German infantry anti tank capabilities took out several T72’s and our Artillery. In order to keep our offensive on time table we bypassed the infantry and moved on. Leaving the Germans to be cleaned up by infantry.

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Warsaw Pact
Comrade Sealanov