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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Not one step back

Warsaw Pact
Comrade Kingski
VS West German

The West German forces deployed across the soviet axis of advance, holding the hills and fields ready for the soviet push.
Soviet advance units pushed into the centre of the field with an advance T-64 company using nearby building for shelter from German guns.
Artillery wiped out the BMP recon screen early on but left the T-64s untouched: this would later prove to be a costly mistake.
A war of movement started with German units flanking towards the Soviet rear objectives, threatening an early victory for the Germans until the T-64 company raced from its positions to cover the rear. Using their main guns they made short work of the APCs and then with the rear secured, turned their attentions back to the German objectives..
Reinforcements for the Soviets raced onto the field, a 3 strong company of T-64s pushing up the right flank. Surprising a lone Leopard 2 waiting in the tree line, the company wiped out the lone tank, not realsing they had just killed the enemy formation commander.(we decided to play on)
German reinforcements were no where to be seen so the forces deployed stayed where they were and fought for the ground they already held. Artillery dropped smoke to cover their forces but with no Soviet forces in sight German units were unable to inflict much damage.
The soviet commander shouted for his forces and a squadron of Hind helicopters strafed the German rear but too much vodka had been consumed on the way in and very little damage was caused. A Red Eye unit clipped one of the Hinds sending it crashing to the ground in flames
Frogfoot attack planes began their strafing run, again little damage being caused
The t-64s in the middle pushed through the smoke and surprised the Leopards on the other side. A quick volley and two of the tanks were left smoking ruins.
Leopard 2s entered on the German right but ran straight into a volley of fire from the Frogfoots. Luck was on their side however as all the shots either missed or bounced off the armour.
The Leopard 2s made very short work of the ZSU unit guarding the centre and they moved up to start pressuring the Soviet objectives.
On the Soviet right the 3 T-64s claimed the hill and put plunging fire into the artillery and APCs while to their left the 2 remaining T-64s from the centre company pushed on.
Shots rang out and the Leopards were wiped out leaving the road clear to contest the objective: however to the soviet rear a flanking unit of APCs had succeded in working their way round to threaten the soviet objective and worry the Gophers hiding in the woods.
Knowing their days were numbered the Artillery made a break for it but were pursued by the Hinds. After some very inaccurate shooting the artillery was eventually taken out but the hinds.
Red Eye fire continued to take a toll on the Hinds, their strength slowly being whittled away.
The Leopard 2s made a break down the centre but ran into a new T-64 company and through overwhelming (and inaccurate again) firepower they were finally silenced.
German reinforcements finally arrived but it was nearly over. The APCs rushed up the field but were swooped on by returning Frogfoots. The APCs went up in flames and with that any chance of the Germans taking the objectives.

A very good game: we didnt read the victory conditions properly so I should have won in turn 4 when I took the objective by the petrol station but it was a cracking game and well fought by both sides. Additionally I took out the formation commander but we decided this would not end the game.
I finished with barely any units at strength but I had the numbers where they counted and I passed all my formation and good spirit checks.

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Warsaw Pact
Comrade Kingski