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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Frankfort follies

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Warsaw Pact
Colonel Ivon-a-drinksky
VS United States
I set up with 2 companies of T72s, and Spandrel Anti-Tank Platoon and a small BMP2 Infantry Company. I had my commander and observer in the center.

The plan was to use the T72s to destroy the enemy tanks while the BMP Company moved around and grabbed the objective. The reinforcements that came on would support that task.
The US won the roll and got first turn. They moved up and killed a tank also managed to bail some others.

I manage to remount all but one of my tanks. I move them forward and engage the M1s managing to get 3 of them to bail.

The US now attack my T72s with a platoon of M1s breaching the tree line into the wheat field while the other platoon fires in support. They destroy another 2 T72s and cause another to bail.

I swing the surviving T72s back to deal with the M1s in the wheat field and bring the other T72 Company over to support. I manage to destroy a M1 on the cross road and cause the other to bail. The rest of my fire is ineffective.
M1s at the crossroads....

The BMP Company continues pushing up onto the objective protected by some M113s that have no infantry support. The plan is to swamp them with the infantry in the BMPs.

The left wheat field turns into a killing field as the M1s storm across and start destroying all the T72s and the Anti-Tank Platoon there. I send the other T72s to support them as well as the HINDs that turned up from reserve. Again there was an awful amount of firing for very little return...

The US now managers to bring on some Anti-Air and shoots down 2 of the HINDs while destroying some more of the T72s and the last of my Anti-Tank platoon. The objective is now undefended.
I'm still pushing forward with the BMPs and manage to destroy a M113. Next turn the infantry will assault the objective and secure it.

The US secures the the objective and I fail to bring on any reserves.......

With that I decide to withdraw.

After Action Review:
I have NEVER rolled so many 1s ever..... those dice are now in the bin.
What I got out of that was the 14" move of the M1 and their 2+ cross check really came into play during the game. This enabled my dad to get his tanks into my area of control and force me to re-act to what he was doing and for him to set the tempo of the battle. I think my initial plan was good, just some very poor dice decided otherwise for me. If I'd have another turn I might of been able to secure the objective.
I think the T64s are the way forward and plan on using them more.

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