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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

“Pass the bullets Mate”

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Chuck Badger 6
VS Warsaw Pact

4 March 2018
Fighting a rural battle of the out skirts of build up city of Amsterdam. Position TF Nutcracker along major road network with Dutch low country on both sides. forward MECH PLT had placed mines on the road to channel the East German BMP threat to maneuver into Kill Sack 1 to our Right flank and Kill Sack 2 on our Left Flank. As such the DDR began probing us in the hours of darkness.

Turn 1 our forces were on order to hold tight on engaging targets until fired upon.
Once the battle was on, British forces fired at known threat targets during turn2. Hind Helicopters probe my right flank over watch HQ unit, and Mortar Platoon section, our defensive fire was good and destroyed one hind.

Turn 3 my left flank was threaten I deployed my FV432 and fired up DDR Infantry in the open. to ensure blocking penetration on the left flank I also called on Right forward PLT to deploy FV432 to engage infantry in the open. My Blowpipes engaged the hinds probing our over watch position and got 3 confirmed kills (a round of beers to the blowpipe section). Both platoons lost all FV432 which wasn’t bad it gave us time for the next fight.

No reserves on turn 3 and 4. Daylight arrived and to our surprise it had to a Brigade to our front. Stress of war can make you count larger numbers than it is actually. The enemy was blocked on the left when I smartly deployed my MCT Spartan section in the ambush and destroyed 3 BMPs and 2 Milan sections had 2 more confirmed kills and one bailed out. The enemy got the courage to fight until my mortar section ranged in on the left flank and they started to dig holes in mud. The BMP threaten the forward right infantry section whom keep the weapons on safe until the BMPs was on top of them and stopped the enemy cold in the assault. The enemy paused and must have regroup for another fight.

Tom and I put a 2 1/2 hour limit. He wasn’t bad off for he only lost his hinds.
I didnt get any reserves but my next choice would of been the chieftains. Overall good game I will change out my M109 artillery for swingfires.

Name: Chuck Hiner Army: British
Email: [email protected] Book or PDF Reference: Iron Maiden
Club: Screeming Eagles (North) City, State: LaCrosse WI
Force Name Death or Glory Boys
Primary Formation Headquarters Unit Points Notes
FV432 Mech HQ 2 2.7% x2 GPMG SF teams
Primary Formation Units Points Notes
FV432 Mech PLT 9 12.0% x2 Milan tms x1 FV432
FV432 Mech PLT 7 9.3% x2 Milan tms x1 FV432
FV432 Mortar PLT 4 5.3% x8 Mortar Carriers
Spartan Mobile milan Section 4 5.3% x4 Spartan Mobile sect
Chieftain 18 24.0% x3 Chieftain
Scorpion 2 2.7% x2 Scorpion
Supporting Units Points Notes
M109 Field Battery 10 13.3% x4 M109
Spartan Blowpipe 9 12.0% x6 Blowpipes
Harriers 10 13.3% x4 Harriers
Total Points 75 Planned Point Total 75 45 <-- 60% of force
Number of Units: Total (HQ) # (#) 1st Formation #

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  • Stone says:

    Hey Chuck. Great report and tough game my friend.

  • Jagdpanzer says:

    dont worry about it mate, it looks pretty good either way, well done

  • recce103c says:

    Chuck Badger 6, no worries here on the Format, we are all having to learn to master the beast,

    you did very well with the schematics in the Photographs and fro front line soldiers the text is More than OK
    ( no matter what the bookkeepers and staff officers say 😉
    recommended and a draw ois a win in Amsterdam at the moment 🙂

  • Nabeshin says:

    Good game. By the way, did you get any turns beyond 4? I find that I’m pretty slow playing games, it also takes me 3 hours for a game usually 🙂

  • Chuck Badger 6 says:

    Everyone with the help from stormcaller I got classed as how to upload AAR with pictures. Sorry for my rip comments it was not directed at anyone it was more first time frustrations. Again I want to thank stormcaller for his support and patience. Best to you!

  • Storm Caller says:

    Aloha Badger,

    Nice editing


  • recce103c says:

    Very informative and clear AAR. Loved the supportive pictures and the effirt you did in having ‘theatre terrain’ well done.

    Deserved recommendation!!!

  • PEIPER says:

    Loved the models, the table and the pictures!
    You’ll get him next time Badger!

  • Storm Caller says:

    Don’t Stress! Reporting is an art not a science! The system work great one moment then completely crash the next!

    Please to this. Build the hole Report, here is the key, in word! Then you can spell check, see the draft and then cut and past back into breast of war!

    This will save you a lot of time! I know from the red thunder campaign!

  • Chuck Badger 6 says:

    Now I’m getting annoyed, I’ll keep emotions out. I spent about 5 hours yesterday trying to upload my PowerPoint, I had to convert it to PDF picture format with a help from a friend. I couldn’t get rid of the above menus. than to top it off I get these reviews how to polish it without help to the where do I get the menus out. I’m sure its obvious for everyone, its not working for me. I spent more time than I wanted to yesterday and I still have another AAR to submit and I’m stressing over it.

  • Chuck Badger 6 says:

    How do I get the menu to go away?

  • Victor says:

    Please break the textblock down, it makes for more pleasurable read.

    Nice Berliner camouflage 😉

  • Captain Spuds says:

    a little dense but an ok read thanks.

  • Storm Caller says:

    Hi Badger Six,

    Good for a first report, here are my recommendation

    1). single photos are best, write what the photo is about,

    2). There are many writing style, pick the one that works for you

    3). Link battle and videos are great for experience

    See the write advice in our National fraction. Red alert, HMS Belfast and M. Nisbet are all very good but take different path


    Storm Caller

  • Chuck Badger 6 says:

    I’m not sure if I did everything correct.