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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Amsterdam bedamed or mad dogs and Englishmen at the Royal Hawaiian Wargames club campaign phase 5

Warsaw Pact
Captain Spuds
VS British

Mad dogs and englishmen go out in the midday sun.

Part three of the Pistoff saga.
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"Glorious day isn't it Corporal Pizel?" Yelled General Pistoff over the roaring engine of the tank and the Robert Gorl sound track blaring out from the huge "liberated" speakers mounted on the back of the tank.
The current song was ironically called "wind in your hair" (1984)The Generals non-regulation length hair blowing in the wind like a decadent American movie star, complete with the occasional unconscious flick of the head to shake his hair into the breeze.
High command can't seem to make up it's mind one minute they are assigned to attack in one sector then the next thing you know it's off to somewhere else. It's just plain odd, thought the corporal, not that he would ever tell anyone, after all he wasn't fond of razor wire, fatal beatings or the cold.
"Why are we here General?" he asked
"The Britishers are causing some problems Corporal, we are here to make the problems go away"
"Yay us! well at least it's nice and warm", thought the corporal and they sped through the bright sunshine of rural Holland.
And yes the website hates me, one picture doesn't want to play ball, current fix is to tilt your head 90deg. Isn't technology wonderful?

The battle field soviets on the left the English on the right, the English objective is not in it's final place.
The Shilka hit squad
One English objective

and then the phone died...... sigh

Turn one.
1 command tank with stilbrew
3 platoons of stilbrewing tanks
one platoon of 5 fv 432's and 6 infantry
2 scimitars.
Glorius Russian forces
1 t-64 General Pistoff
2 x 3 T-64's Major Tankedenky
2 shilka
4-bmp -1 scouts
3 carnation
9 bmp -1's with 15 infantry
1 OB Captain Timidtom.

both sides spread out with the Russian tanks massing on the left and the infantry and supporting BmP's on their right with the scouts and shilka covering the centre.
English move first with a pair of stilbrewing platoons moving to take on the pair of T-64 platoons. Russian smoke on the first turn, and manoeuvre and pressing towards the objectives.

turn two.
More manoeuvre, with the English having to relocate to cover their flanks and and shoot around the smoke, so lowering their battle tanks rate of fire. Only one Russian tank dying, but in return loosing one platoon to long range shooting interestingly from Major Tankedenky's actual tank.
"The Major has skill, don't you think corporal?" asked General Pistoff.
"He has something General" "the uncanny ability to be creepy five kilometres away" thought the corporal.

Turn three

The arrival of the carnation bombardment at just the right time and place and was just poetry. Taking out the English commander and all but one of the APC's, but not killing any infantry, pretty sure I wont ever roll that well again.
Captain Timidtom finally coming through with the goods, calling in the artillery strike at just the right spot.
The BMP infantry take some serious hurt from long range Stilbrewing fire but gain the ground behind some hills.

Turn four.
Like thief's in the night the shilka platoon had been creeping up on the English infantry and opened fire killing almost all, then the infantry failed their morale and ran for the hills.
This together with another stilbrewing platoon dying to flank shots from Major Pistoff's platoon and BMP rockets and game over.

With the smoking wrecks of English tanks misting the air all around him, the General was heard to mutter "I wonder if any of the prisoners know Simon LeBon?, Imagine corporal how wonderful it would be if he could sign my jacket"

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