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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Stay away from the Queens guard! Or more brandy needed at Brandenburg

Warsaw Pact
Captain Spuds
VS British
Storm Caller

Russian funeral march.

I went right, he went left I didn't stick to my original plan and then got overrun on my right in four rather than the six turns I had planed on. My artillery didn't do anything my tanks killed nothing my bmps killed all his APC's and my BMP scouts did nothing. Some days it's not meant to be is it?

You know that point in a game where you have a plan and all you have to do is "SQUIRREL!"

The last picture is me trying to assault the English infantry off his objective but failing to get a good grip on them (not enough in charge range) and the whole thing ending with him taking my left objective.

I didn't like it but I'm sure this is the way stormcaller likes it. :-)
Great game, great opponent, I had my chances and didn't follow through with my plan, no one to blame but me.
There can only be one silver back! and it's not me.

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Storm Caller