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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Night Of The Long TOWs

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Warsaw Pact
VS United States

T-72 Bn (-) Vs US Mech Inf

T-72 Battalion (-). Bn Commander. 2 x T-72 Coy of 5 T-72 each.
BTR-60 Platoon with a heavy weapons section of SA-14 team and AT-4 Team.
Air Defence Platoon. 2 x ZSU-23-4
Regimental Artillery Group. 3 x 2S1 and BMP-1 OP
Attack Helicopter Company. 4 x Mi-24 Hind

Soviet Infantry dug in on the objective

Comrade General, the exact composition of the enemy force is unknown. What we do know from the various radio reports we received was that it appears to be Mechanised Infantry, including light wheeled vehicles equipped with anti-tank missiles, supported by M-60 MBTs and attack helicopters. Of note is that this is the first experience of the M-60 that has been reported by this Regiment.

Soviet right flank

The T-72 Bn had been withdrawn from the FEBA in W Germany to replace combat losses. Following the NATO attack into Leipzig the Bn had been deployed in what strength it had to a defensive position south of Hohenmolsen. If attacked the Bn orders were to delay the NATO force and conduct a withdrawal.
It appears that the Bn was engaged by a numerically superior US force in the hours before dawn this morning. Comrade General, it seems NATO was able to fully exploit their technological edge with night vision equipment in this engagement. The Cobra helicopters were able to destroy one T-72 Company in their defensive position. They did, however, suffer losses to the ZSU-23-4 and SA-14 air defence teams. Comrade General, also of note is the valiant sacrifice of a ZSU-23-4 crew who turned their guns onto a troop of US wheeled vehicles before they themselves were destroyed by US tanks.
The Mi-24 crews have reported destroying US vehicles including M113 variants but failed to achieve an opportunity to attack the Mech Inf force with a salvo rocket attack. Two out of the four Hinds were lost as they gave air support to our ground forces.
The artillery was ordered to withdraw and the Battery commander has given as much information as he is able. It would seem that the right flank was destroyed, the US infantry were overrunning our infantry and the M-60s were securing the left flank. Comrade General, it pains me to note that the second T-72 Company who conducted a local counterattack from ambush failed to destroy any US forces.
At this time we must assume that the Americans remain at Hohenmolsen in force and that the T-72 Bn is either destroyed or captured.

COMMENT - This was my first game with a new group and so I wasn't sure if they would appreciate my note taking and photo snapping for this report, hence the somewhat light narrative. My opponent did keep notes and will publish his side in due course. It was a fun game despite the result and some poor dice rolling!

Soviet centre
T-72 counterattack and heroic fallen Shilka. The T-72s fail to hit anything. The Company commander will receive a '9mm court martial'

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United States


  • Blondie says:

    Was great to meet Ben and play this game with him. My repot is now up as well and I’ve realised I need to up my game for my report writing. Again massive thank you to Ben for the game and I assure you all I will hound the red army all the way as they retreat under the superior NATO forces.

  • Nabeshin says:

    Understandable with the caution around the new game group, glad you’ve found a group to play with regardless. Good report 🙂

  • L W Wood says:

    It was good to see you at Bastion. No issue with taking photos especially if forBattle Reports

  • Klute says:

    Great game…. The RED circle is getting smaller 🙂

  • Stone says:

    Very nice terrain and models. Thanks for posting this.

  • HMS_Belfast says:

    There must be more Americans in Leipzig than Ramstein by now 😀

  • bayankhan says:

    Additional comment – 2×5 T72s is neither fish nor fowl. If I was enamored of large units, I’d play 7xT72 and 3 xT72 to get the effect of ‘big’ units for the points. But I nearly won a British Iron Maiden army just over a year ago at a similar points level using a similar list with 1xT72 command, 2x 3 T72, 1×4 T72 (41 AP compared to 44). Made a mistake in my last game. The three points gained may not seem like much but it could be 3 xBMP-1 with spearhead or something else useful (3 Sturms…). Something to think about

  • bayankhan says:

    Nicely done

  • Der Scholinger says:

    Thanks for this cool report. I like the style you wrote it.

    And you have a amazing table 🙂

  • CrazyIvan17 says:

    Some nicely painted minis and a lovely table!

  • Victor says:

    Better luck next time comrade, the infantry looks really nice!

  • M. Nisbet says:


    Understandable. Our group are on little tone for our club nights too. We generally keep the points lower, and use the quick missions so we’re not caught out.

    Good luck in your next one (but not too much)

  • Red Alert says:


    A fine report, a look forward to seeing it from the other side.

    I am impressed by the quality of painting of the Soviet infantry.

    Bring us victory next time.

  • Ben_C says:

    @ M. Nisbet
    My opponent is indeed in the campaign. It was my first time with that group and I wasn’t sure of the etiquette they expected with regards to campaign games, plus we were on a time limit for the evening.

  • M. Nisbet says:

    Congratulations on the win.
    Am I right to assume, by your note, your opponents aren’t playing in the campaign then? It might help matters if they were, and were aware of the reasoning behind notes and pictures… not to mention would add more players to the cause.

  • recce103c says:

    Beautiful terrain set and models you have there, Ben-C!!! And Chris must have been buzy with his M60s’

    Clear and succinct AAR – nice work; pictures are supportive to

    thx for sharing~!