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Embarrassment at Niederbayern

Warsaw Pact
VS West German
Bruce Heasman

This could be called 'How to totally forget about the objective of the game'

Rather than post a narrative description of the battle for this report I will post more of a critique of my own actions. Why? Well, to be honest this has to be my worst performance in any TY game I have played since release. Read on Comrade and be equally entertained and horrified at what happened at Niederbayern.

Opposing Forces

This game was 75 points. I'm still getting used to this point value and I find it makes for some interesting and hard choices. For this game I went with a T-64 Battalion consisting of CO, 2 x Companies of 5 x T-64, Recce troop of 3 x BMP-2, Motor Rifle Platoon x 4 BMP-2, SA-13 x 2, ZSU-23-4 x 2.

Bruce brought a Panzeraufklarungs Company with Gepards & LARS in support.

This is the first time I have faced a W German force that hasn't consisted of Leo 2's.

Objectives & Deployment

The scenario was the bridgehead with two objectives being placed on my side of the table. I had to have half of my force in reserve so went with both T-64 Companies on the the table from the start. Bit of a cagey deployment and with NATO having the first turn I wanted to hang back to limit their opportunities to get engagements in.
So, first Company deploys behind a woodline with the CO to cover 1 objective and the second Company deploys off the second objective with the plan to roll forward in my movement phase. My recce BMP-2s spearhead forward. To be honest I've not really utilised recce elements in many games so these were not well used. Their positioning had no impact on the W German deployment nor any advantage to my own.

Soviet deployment
BMP-2 recce

How to lose the game in three easy turns...

Remember I said earlier that this was the first W German force I've faced that wasn't a Leo 2 gun line? Well, that meant that I wasn't overly familiar with what the Panzeraufklarungs (and yes, having typed that once I'm just going to cut n paste it from now on) Company can do. Bruce spearheaded on each flank with his Luchs and used this to move up his Leo 1 platoons to get some first turn shots into my T-64s. To make it even better these were flank shots.

Blurry photo as I am reeling in shock from seeing half of my T-64 Company go boom boom or bail

On my right, the Leo 1s have the same deal but only manage to kill 1 T-64.

Photo taken in my next movement phase as I have turned to face the threat. Flanked T-64 burning merrily.

Before we move on let's talk about dice rolls. From now on, dear reader, you can assume that any roll I make is a 1. Firepower checks, to hit rolls or armour saves everything seemed to be a 1. At the end of the first turn I had seven 1's rolled. SEVEN. If it's not your night then it's not your night.

Return fire from the T-64s kills 2 and the third passes the morale check but retreats
Left flank, only kill a single Leo1. See those Luchs in the background? Remember those for later.

I decide that these light German troops will be no match for my superior Soviet tank engineering and so move up to ensure I can see them should I roll poorly for the night distance. Can you guess the result of the To Hit rolls? The lack of burning and screaming from the Luchs should explain it. This was even the case with the Recce BMP-2s, they were brassed up by the Luchs in return and lost 2 vehicles.

I don't even have the words...

Now, Dear Reader, we get to the moment when future historians will review this engagement and decide they have no idea just what the actual ^%£" the Soviet commander was thinking.
Surprisingly I managed to remount those bailed out T-64s from earlier.

Now, all I've got to do is kill of the remaining Leo 1's. At this point I forget two things:
1. The Leo 1 has the front armour of a paper bag and I'm packing 125mm guns.
2. This T-64 Company is covering an objective.

For some reason that I have yet to fathom I move to a rear shooting position for the Leo 1s. Maybe I'm just so used to facing Leo 2's that it's an automatic reaction to flank. Maybe I'd had a long day at work and was wasn't thinking straight. Maybe my blood sugar level was low. Maybe I was just pulling a Homer moment (That's Homer Simpson, not Homer the ancient Greek poet).

This would be great if those were the Leo 1s bigger brothers...

I feel you, Dear Reader, can work out for yourself the shooting results given my previous form in this game. Do you remember those Luchs from earlier? In the W German movement phase they calmly drive forward and park up on the objective. At this point I have nothing contesting because the T-64s are miles away feeling smug about flanking the Leo 1s.

Game, set & match to the W Germans in 3 turns.


Firstly, this takes nothing away from Bruce who played his W German Panzeraufklarungs troops well.
If anything I'm embarrassed that I didn't give him more of a challenge in that game. My dice rolling was atrocious. I know EVERYONE says that but seriously, I have never seen so many 1's being rolled.
I lost the game by just plain forgetting about that objective. Looking back I have no idea why I moved off the objective to engage the Leo 1s from the rear.

But, Dear Reader, such is the life of a wargamer I suppose. One thing is for certain though. For the next game I am taking different dice.

Thanks for reading!

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West German
Bruce Heasman


  • Stone says:

    Nicely painted force and great photos.

  • Jagdpanzer says:

    Nice report and we’ll painted figures, too bad on your crapy luck…

  • MajorGump says:

    Glad to see I am not the only only one that forgets important details in the heat of battle!

  • Budenny says:

    I really enjoyed the report. Everyone has an off day, but maintaining a positive outlook really made it an enjoyable resort. I laughed out loud at the “Panzeraufklarung” spelling moment. Thanks for posting

  • recce103c says:

    Congratulations on the excellent AAR Kamerad, recommended

    Very nice terrain against a bleak opponent

  • HMS_Belfast says:

    Losing to an unpainted army! You certainly are the moral victor, but still 😀 .

  • PanzerGrau says:

    Thank you for posting. This is exactly how I get things to stay in my thick head. A good spanking always gets seared into my memory. Keep at them comrade.

  • CrazyIvan17 says:

    Ouch, a hard fought battle. A good AAR, and I think you and Comrade Murphy need to have a chat about his haunting your dice.

  • Davehodo says:

    Great report. We all have those days. Keep fighting, keep pushing. Well done.

  • Kubikhan says:

    I have the same “ones” problem whenever it comes to rolling reserves. I feel your pain! Nice report, and glad the “good guys” get to post a win. Your bad luck compensates for mine!

  • JakNitro says:

    I was in a red v red battle where my opponent had both objectives covered by infantry. I got to busy with tank hunting that by turn 6 I had completely forgotten to contest them.

  • Klute says:

    I thought I was the King of 1’s. Great looking table an terrain. Great effort in AAR and thanks for sharing.

  • thommo1137 says:

    Very good report. Nothing worse than bad dice rolls. I think we have all had those games we would rather forget. I’ve dropped the ball more than once forgetting about the game objective and gotten into a blood lust trying to destroy the enemy only for them to steal an objective from right under my nose.
    Lovely painted tanks as well.

  • Swedishlegend says:

    Great looking T-64s! The surprise of a good spearhead can be quite shocking… I remember once spearheading 2 Scorpions into the flank of MBTs on turn one and seeing the horror come over my opponents face… I also remember when a Soviet opponent of mine spearheaded his entire army on an objective I was suppose to hold on turn 1… That did not end well

  • bayankhan says:

    There are days when you get leopard, days when the leopard gets you, and days when you shouldn’t bother to hunt. Good report. Been asleep at the controls myself a few times

  • Der Scholinger says:

    Great report! I know that well if you roll the dices and nothing worked. Even if you change the dices during the game nothing will change. That’s life, there are those days you better not playing war games because your luck had left you at the front door.

    Where do you got this amazing houses from?

  • M. Nisbet says:

    I wouldn’t worry about it, it’s happened to the best of us. People forget about the objectives all the time, and at the last moment, they panic and try to rush things up. A good report, even if the game was a little short on your end. Better luck in the next.

  • L W Wood says:

    Fastest game I have ever witnessed. The cry’s of anguish caused much concern throughout the club.