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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

4th Lichtenau

Warsaw Pact
VS United States

Yet another counterattack to break the link between Kassel and Paderborn.

Update to the theater status. 2nd West Front's 1st Guards Tank Army parries enemy thrusts from the west as fresh 28th Army troops apply pressure on the last threats to a new life line north. Counters from GDW's Third World War; the UK 'light' forces represent brigades of 2nd Division stretched to the limit.

The theater. Without being too repetitive, 4th Motorisierte conducted a raid to cut NATO's lifeline into Hannover, and when enemy resistance faltered, pushed on to the vicinity of Paderborn. Now the US forces are counterattacking west to cut the new lifeline into the Ruhr Valley and 3rd Shock Army.

M60s burning from 3rd Lichtenau fight

Oberst Niemand surveyed the burning and abandoned American tanks with some satisfaction. The enemy had broken off after the disastrous outcome, but now a second American battalion was deploying to attack the same sector. Minor damage had been repaired; camouflage replaced. But the enemy deployment was somewhat different. Diese Tieren haben etwas gelernt, Niemand thought.

Lichtenau IV Start. I literally just moved a few teams back to their original positions, picked up smoke and bail markers. Fitzi used the second list, ditching 2 Cobras for mortars and VADS (Hind repellent)
Lichtenau Turn 1 PACT - sacrifice of the BTR60s

Fitzi took my advice and pressed forward on my western flank. He dumped a smokescreen (shown with his burn markers because I forgot my cotton) to neutralize the BMP1s on the rise, then strafed them with his Cobras. My defensive missile fire was negligible because the SA-9s were out of range. Fitzi killed and bailed a BTR60 and bailed a BMP with his fire. Then his tanks cut loose on my infantry, pinning them but killing only one team. The A10s failed to put in an appearance, making me cocky.

I drove my BTRs out of the shelter behind the hill; clearly they were a use-or-lose asset. Between their 15 MG dice, the AGL-17, and a couple stands of AK, I gutted his 2nd Platoon. He passed morale, salvaging the APC transport section.

I had also dropped my BMP-2 ambush at center table. Bad move. They fired 6 missiles, hit 3 times, and Fitzi rolled 3 sixes for saves. Then I compounded the situation by only bailing one tank. The Spigot team fired three more missiles, missing completely. Definitely not a repeat of the first game.

Lichtenau IV - a pause that refreshes.

Fitzi was a little surprised by the ambush and the BTR60s' effectiveness, and so he halted his progress to eliminate the threats. This was, IMHO, an error as the plan we had discussed was getting inside the BMP-1s 16" minimum range and then sweeping past the farm. He was also using the M1 Abrams as long range fire support instead of using them as a hammer and protecting them with the M60s.

It took 10 shots to wreck the BTRs, and that was 10 that didn't go into my infantry. Then the rest produced too few hits to pin, and only one more casualty. The Cobras focused on the BMP-1s killing one and bailing one, while the A10s demolished my BMP-2 platoon; however two survived bailed and passed morale. Once again, without a mass of tanks and my ZSUs, the ineffective AA fire brought down only one Cobra.

My Turn 2 was a little more productive than the first turn. The BMP-1s and Spigots were operational, save for a dead BMP-1. I lit up the VADS with the Spigots and killed one bailing the other. My Hinds dodged some AA fire to wreck one Abrams. The surviving BMP-2s remounted urged on by the Battalion Commander whose ride blitz to join them on the small hill, tossing 3 missiles for two hits on M60s; this time both burned. The recon BMP-1s moved to join in the festivities, and my 2nd Motor Rifle Company abandoned its defensive stance to move to center court.
Fitzi advanced again, but his western platoon got hooked up with the farm, and it was still occupied by infantry - he didn't start the required wheel, you see. Close range fire killed my Spigot team. He managed to shoot up a couple BMPs with long range fire and the VADs remounted and shot down one of my Hinds. The A10s put in another appearance, finishing off the BMP-2s and killing two BMP-1s. Flak once again ineffective. My return fire was painful. The surviving BMPs on the western hill destroyed the remaining VADS. Fitzi next lost another Abrams to Hinds. The recon BMPs chewed up one of the M60 platoons.
Tunr 4. Fitzi had lost the Abrams, and my first reinforcement, T72Ms, had arrived. He needed to press the attack or call it off. He pressed. An attempted assault by 1st Platoon's transport M113s was smashed by flanking fire from my No.1 Companie. Fitzi's continued rain of 105mm gun ammo on my infantry yielded another stand but not enough for morale, yet. His 1st Platoon did not quite reach assault distance. Then disaster struck. The Hinds took out two M60s (one dead, one bailed) and the BMP-1 recon killed the M60 company commander, who failed to find another ride. An RPG found a nice flank shot on another M60 for a bail. Scratch one M60 company (again) with 9 wrecks on the field. Fitzi looked at the odds of a single rifle platoon assaulting through two untouched rifle companies and resigned.

Hot Wash
Fitzi's first turn went really well, but he should have dealt with the long-term threat - BMPs on dominating high ground - first. Both Cobras should have hammered them, and his right flank M60s should have drifted right to deal with the BTRs. The infantry should have delayed in foxholes, using the CO's better stats to pick up the lost time. The attack as executed did nothing well, and the result was the infantry platoon that should have carried the farm went down to surviving BTRs.

He really needed two turns of smoke. We'll see if he fixes that.

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Warsaw Pact


  • bayankhan says:

    Actually others win games, but unfortunately the NATO players are turned off by the effort involved in posting, and the PACT players that lost to them are into seasonal work issues and don’t have time…I was beaten twice by other PACT players when we had shortages of NATO. And some of our better players, with whom I routinely split games, aren’t into TY preferring FOW4.

  • PanzerGrau says:

    Congratulations on another great victory comrade. Keep driving them. Great report.

  • MajorFritz says:

    Well Done. Hopefully next campaign somebody in your club will win a game. Must be fun.

  • Tovarishch Vilgelm says:

    Nice report! Very flavorful. Liked the ATGM fire across a water body – I recall back in service days being told managing that sort of feat was very iffy… My heart goes out to your ATGM gunners – they must have trained at the same place mine did!

    But at the end of it all, a fine victory – congratulations!

  • Jagdpanzer says:

    Well ok, its just that two of the pics are literally the same, so the one with the hinds and the setup, I only say that because I just read the other report? It was confusing. Dont see why you felt you needed to add it. But anyway, another win, well done

  • Davehodo says:

    Good fight. Nice win. Great report.

  • bayankhan says:

    Nope, not same. Some pics (setup) are the same BECAUSE I just pulled off the smoke markers and bail markers are the same, and the Hinds finishing off the M60 company is to remind the reader that something else happened here in the story. In 3rd Lichtenau the M60 tank company was wiped out on Turn 1 behind the olive groves. 4th Lichtenau saw Fitzi use smoke, advance to the ‘Farm’ and the M60 tank company falling apart in the middle of the farmer’s fields. Same night, same East German list, same table, slightly modified US list (TF5-8 here vs TF3-8 there) different American tactics. But same awesomely painted American models.

  • Jagdpanzer says:

    these pics seem the same as the other?

  • Ilya Semionov says:

    Great report! Crush the enemy!

  • Storm Caller says:

    Put a text between video and photo. For some reason they overlap. Red gave me the fix a few reports ago