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Firestorm: Stripes

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The Last battle of Berlin!

Warsaw Pact
VS West German

This was actually meant to be Berlin but we took alot of time to do the video and stuff. Iconic buildings of the gate and the reichstag.

East Vs West!

I tried to put the brandenburg on one side and the reichstag on the other! And thought it fun that the battle would be kind of a recreation of the WWII russian objective of capturing the Reichstag!

Reichstag was in control of the West Germans as a symbolic objective!

The battle was pretty fierce, we had a few assaults go wrong. Leopard 2s were in ambush and i treated them like monsters and avoided them to just get to the objective as they popped on my flank.

You know what the Russians in WWII didn't have? Fast roping air landing troops to drop onto the roof

Once the German infantry were pinned down, I sent my air landing troops to land on the reichstag. Watch the video as my Hinds actually get taken down by Marders and later a LEo2 AAMG..... #fail

We got the objective!

All in all. a Really good game. To watch the blow by blow summary, watch the video below. Subscribe if you like it!

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Warsaw Pact