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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

Night Rangers

United States
VS Warsaw Pact
The Area of Operations

Operation: Russian Blue

Situation: Soviet commander [-REDACTED-] has been confirmed at his forward HQ, near [-REDACTED-] in Brandenburg. Neutralizing this officer is of the highest priority as it will handicap future efforts of enemy units in the area. General [-REDACTED-] HQ is garrisoned by an infantry company of the [-REDACTED-]; another company of the same regiment is located 2km away as a Quick Reaction Force. The battalion is awaiting replacement vehicles and will likely be dismounted.

Mission: This commander must be taken out of the fight—capture is preferable; elimination acceptable; disable or destroy any secondary military targets, such as [-REDACTED-], etc.

Execution: [-REDACTED-] insertion by [-REDACTED-] under cover of darkness, in/near the vicinity [-REDACTED-]:
1. 1st Platoon, as the main assault element, will insert as near the primary target as possible, breech and clear the objective, and secure General [-REDACTED-]. Once the Package is secure, the platoon will conduct a rapid withdraw to the designated Landing Zone and exit the Area of Operations by way of helicopter.
2. 2nd Platoon, as the fire support element, will insert near [-REDACTED-] residence in the [-REDACTED-], interdicting any enemy attempts at reinforcement, then escape and evade toward the designated LZ for extraction.
3. 3rd Platoon will insert [-REDACTED-], secure the LZ, and hold it at all costs until the entire raiding force can be extracted.

Administration & Logistics: [-REDACTED-] Aviation Regiment will provide a squadron of [-REDACTED-] for transport and a flight of [-REDACTED-] as aerial fire support. A section of[-REDACTED-] of the [-REDACTED-] will be on-station for additional air support should the need arise.

Command & Control: All assets committed to the operation will fall under the command of Captain [-REDACTED-] of [-REDACTED-].

Primary Target--the General's HQ
Cobras deploy to the west, behind a tree-lined ridge
Hueys deploy Fast-ropes near the primary target building
Gremlins down Super 6-2; all hands lost
Soviet Garrison reacts to the arrival of the Rangers, moving through the paddock toward the HQ building. They pepper the hovering birds with small arms, but cause no significant damage
1st Platoon deploys by Fast-rope
1st Platoon prepares to assault target building, suppressing the enemy in/near the target building
Ranger's 1st Platoon assault the target building, encountering little return fire, clear the building, and secure the Package
1st Platoon has the Package and begins their withdraw toward the Extraction Point
Cobras move to the northern edge of the AO and send a rocket salvo into the Secondary Target, a small ammo/supply depot, and blast it into oblivion.
Soviet Quick Reaction Force arrive from the NW; meanwhile, the Garrison engages the withdrawing Rangers, killing one team.
1st Platoon moves post-haste toward the LZ with the Package in tow.
Orders changed: 2nd Platoon arrives to secure the LZ for extraction; 3rd Platoon will remain in reserve
Cobras strafe the Soviet garrison, covering the withdraw of 1st Platoon, killing 4 teams.
Soviet QRF alters course and makes their way toward the Rangers' LZ; the Garrison troops refuse to move for fear of being hit by the American gunships again.
The Rangers link-up in the woods and call for extract; Cobras re-position over the LZ to provide cover to the exiting Rangers.
1st Platoon departs with the Package as the Soviet QRF closes in for the kill.
2nd Platoon prepares to meet the Soviet attack, consolidating in the woods and digging in. The Soviet QRF, desperate for revenge, rush head-long into the awaiting Rangers and meet a grisly end
With the enemy on their back foot, 2nd Platoon calls for extract under the protection of the Cobras.
As 2nd Platoon departs, the Cobras make one last strafing run on the Soviet QRF, killing several teams and forcing it to withdraw
Turns out, catching a Russian isn't so hard after all.

And for your listening enjoyment . . .

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