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Firestorm: Stripes

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Sally Sparrow from BBC World News reporting from Frankfurt.

As NATO forces progress deeper into Soviet-held sectors, we are finding more and more people fleeing to the West for a better life.  I sat down with one of them and asked him about life on the other side of the wall.


[Cut to a sit-down interview, Peter starts talking and a translator’s voice narrates his words]

Life was not so terrible, but you always felt watched, and judged.

Controlled constantly controlled.

You never know when you would say the wrong thing or befriend the wrong person.

[Peter pauses looks down, then back at the camera]

But for me it was being cut off from the world, not being allowed to see family who is just behind the wall. You start to wonder if you will ever see them again.

But then the war started, the news tells us that NATO was poised to strike, but we know better. The Soviets like control, they like to dictate how people should live. So we knew it was just a matter of time before they decided they wanted all of Germany.

Two M-60A3 main battle tanks move along a road during Central Guardian, a phase of Exercise Reforger ’85.

[Returns to Sally in a hotel room]

The fighting still goes on, and as we progress into Dresden we are finding more and more refuges trying to escape this war.

Now more than ever we need to press forward to keep the Soviet invaders at bay.  They may have started this war, but they will soon learn that no amount of power and land is worth the bloodshed and misery they have spread across Germany. Their lust for power and control is something that we cannot bow to. We will stand up strong, we will push back the aggressors and we will put an end to this pointless war they are determined to wage.

We have started taking the fight to Denmark, Dresden and other sectors in hopes to push the Warsaw Pact forces back into Poland and Czechoslovakia.

Still fighting the good fight, this has been Sally Sparrows, BBC World News.



  • Kubikhan says:

    So WTO, how’s it feel now that Berlin is a Red island in a sea of Blue? Y’all might as well just head back across the Oder and let Klute have it! He’s worked so hard to get us there.

  • Jagdpanzer says:

    We will take them all, soon Russia will be out of potatoes! no more vodka for them

  • mcanu says:

    This must be true, it is on the news, right?

    I mean, how many people are scrambling to get into Communist countries while people from Communist countries are trying to get out to the West.

    Jim Morrison said it best and I quote, “The West is the best.”

  • recce103c says:

    Well said Sally, the worring aspects is what Soviets do when they lack contol. Berlin 1949, Budapest 1956, Prague 1968 and Gdansk 1982 are enlightening examples, of Soviets Workers parDise freedom choises

  • Red Alert says:

    – An interview conducted at gun point.

    The only watching the Soviet does is to watch out for the welfare of its citizens.

    What an obvious propaganda stunt. I recommend you read Pravda instead, at least there is news there.