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Australian tanks counterattack in the Netherlands

There has been heavy fighting across the whole front, particularly on CENTAG’s route towards Berlin. A massive Warsaw Pact offensive around Frankfurt and the Ruhr has been slowly closing the trap on the US forces around Leipzig. With much of their effort diverted to keeping their supply lines open, the push on Berlin has almost stalled.

In the north, the Warsaw Pact troops pulled from Denmark have added to the Warsaw Pact’s attacks to re-open their route to their troops trapped around Bremen, Amsterdam, and the Ruhr. Despite intense opposition, this offensive is also making headway. Surprisingly, the Warsaw Pact forces in the Netherlands are also slowly advancing, despite a terrible supply situation.

This period of bloody fighting has led to increased casualties and there are rumours of talks in Geneva aimed at ending this war.  Whether these rumours are true or not, the generals are showing no sign of letting up the pressure, of showing any weakness to the enemy.

Both sides have ordered renewed offensives to either win the war or at least establish a better position for their sides in the peace talks, if they do indeed happen.


  • Jagdpanzer says:

    All going as planned, well done NATO units

  • bayankhan says:

    Yes, the joys of capitalism, providing missiles to bandits so that the price of opiates is affordable for the masses in your own countries. God is dead, your press cries, so religion is no longer the opiate of the masses you must have the real thing. Your principles are as variable as your interest rates. Embrace socialism, and lay down your arms.

    This Darth Vader, who is he? At the Frunze we studied the principles of the Great Conquerors and I do not recognize the name. And we learned from our own mistakes. No. 1 principle: Never leave a live enemy behind you.

  • Stone says:

    Ahh, bayankhan went to the Darth Vader school of leadership I see.

  • MajorGump says:

    NATO, fighting for our homes and families, will be victorious. Despite Soviet propaganda!

  • bayankhan says:

    Of course there is punishment for failure, Tovarische Recce. Your failed generals and our failed generals will all work in the Gulag together, growing potatoes and fermenting them into vodka of sorts, remembering the privileged life they led until they failed. There they can provide service to humanity by producing more food than they can eat. It is a life of simple contemplation and penance, highly recommended by most organized religions, is it not?

  • recce103c says:

    Yes Red Alert, because failure means the Gulag is waiting; and concerning https://imgur.com/cFURA7M; there seems to be a bit of misunderstanding, between NATO and individual NATO Countries. ‘interesting map’ for 1985. 🙂

  • bayankhan says:

    The photo does say it all. NATOS unsustainable losses are forcing them to fly tanks from the other side of the world. When wing root failures cause C5s to crash in the Andes, this foolishness will cease. GRU says they are down to 52.

  • bayankhan says:

    And a testament to the benefits of simple logistics systems. NATO is a federation of the best toymakers in the world, but they are not the most reliable systems under the stress of a sustained battle.

  • Stone says:

    The photo says it all. Pull back your country so that it is no longer threatening our military bases. Not sure it could be any easier.

  • Red Alert says:

    They are the aggressor, proof is here:


  • Red Alert says:
  • Victor says:

    So now they are pulling in units from the other side of the globe?

  • Red Alert says:


    Even where our forces are cut off do we advance. A testament to the true Soviet spirit!