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Firestorm: Stripes

The Team Yankee Global Campaign

The USMC advances on Hamburg

The fighting over the last few days has seen dramatic shifts in the situation in Europe. NATO’s landing near Hamburg in the north has been a major success, while the Warsaw Pact’s counteroffensive against the push on Berlin is reaping significant rewards as well.

The hottest fighting has been along the northern flank. The Warsaw Pact forces attempting to renew their thrust for Amsterdam and the Channel Ports, encountered an aggressive defence by the British II Corps, which halted the Warsaw Pact thrust and is now regaining lost ground. Simultaneously, the massively reinforced Marine landing force pushed southwards to meet up with a thrust northwards from Hanover. The linking of these two almost unstoppable thrusts, aided by apparent confusion in the Soviet command due to poor reporting from the front, has cut off the Warsaw Pact forces in the Ruhr, Bremen, and Amsterdam.

The NATO forces may have had an easy road in the north due to the massive redeployment of Warsaw Pact troops to the defence of Berlin. NATO seems to have taken the fall of Berlin for granted, diverting its efforts to the northern flank, with the result that their forces have been repulsed back towards Leipzig by forceful Soviet counterattacks, combined with the continuation of their offensive through the Hof Corridor.

The result is a confusing picture in the centre of the front. The stalled Warsaw Pact thrust towards Frankfurt faces being cut off by NATO forces attacking south from Hanover to link up with the Leipzig thrust. This thrust, having been pushed back from Berlin faces being cut off in turn if the forces in the Hoff Corridor can link up with the forces attacking towards Frankfurt.

The critical nature of the battle around Frankfurt is highlighted by its possible role as a route to relieve the forces cut off in the Ruhr.

We are seeing the mobility embodied in mechanised warfare from both sides!


  • Oberst Hunts says:

    This campaign is getting intense with all the fighting going on.

  • Cryofrost says:

    some very dramatic back and forth action (no pun intended)

  • Tgunner91 says:

    @ Red Alert- Hey, if you have some time could you go over to this battle report and give Jeremy a comment? He’s pretty proud of this win and he’s had a pretty rough week. It would do him some good to get a comment from the STAVKA boss himself.


  • Jagdpanzer says:

    I think you would be naive to not see there is an overall narrative here, but i think that there are plans in place, if NATO does A or NATO does B. either way I get to play more games and its fun.

  • Jagdpanzer says:

    I dont know why you guys are complaining? Hof just locked!, no idea how, but its no big deal we will push you back like everywhere else

  • Red Alert says:


    Going to plan,

    ““No plan survives first contact with the enemy” – Helmuth van Moltke

    You have been pushed from Berlin and your only supply line is through the beachheads of Hamburg and you call that going to plan. You celebrate to early. The only thing a good socialist commander sees here is opportunity!

  • bayankhan says:

    Script you mean, Jagdpanzer.

    And Ruhr and Bremen are no more, or less, cut off than Hannover was last game. Unless, of course, by script.

    And with 55 free victory points created by unanswered BLUE/BLUE games and who knows how many because BF/BOW prefer comic strips to battle reports, I’m amazed Berlin didn’t lock for Blue. And if it isn’t corrected, friends, Hamburg locked FOR RED. Check your Theater reports.

  • Klute says:

    I luv when a plan works! Great Job NATO Commanders and Troops!

  • recce103c says:

    No for WP /WTO there is a very thin supply line through HOF – FULDA – “RUHR” to BREMEN and of course through Baltic Approaches and Denmark 😉
    and ofcourse Coffee being offered from Shops in Amsterdam 🙂

  • M. Nisbet says:

    Ruhr and Bremen cut off from supply? The British Army would like to offer an armistice to any Soviet forces who wish to lay down and and surrender.
    You will be treated well, and offered tea.

  • Jagdpanzer says:

    Everything is going according to plan!